10 August, 2009


I'd really love for you girls to check out my flower-quote blog at:

thank you! ♥

07 August, 2009

hey guys! :) since I last posted, I've done a lot of... soul searching, that's the best word for it... and I've discovered a few things.

  • This blog has helped me tremendously. All of you that leave me comments are such wonderful, caring people and I doubt I could have made so much progress without you. Thank ya'll so much. ♥

  • I love photography so much. If you've read my blog for a long time, you're probably aware of how much I love taking pictures of flowers. If I had to fill out a form asking about my hobbies, I'd definitely list "photographing flowers" first. I've decided to open up a flickr account so I can expose my pictures to a larger audience. I think I might even start a blog that features pictures of my flower and an inspirational quote in every post. :]

  • Blogging about my recovery is only a temporary solution. It helps me only as much as I post. If I don't post every day, I'm tempted to go back to ED tendencies. I can't keep posting forever, so I've decided to go out and find a new solution to ED. I'm going to stop blogging, perhaps not forever, but forever as in regards to recovery. ED does not have total control of my life and I think blogging about my struggles and conflicts gives him a lot more power over me than is healthy. I love sharing my food with you guys and it really does motivate me to eat healthier, but, like I said, I can't keep posting forever. "Too Much Of A Good Thing Is Wonderful" has reached the end of its run. I can't thank all ya'll readers enough.
So! With all that, this is it. :) I'd love to keep in touch with ya'll, so find me on facebook (it's new!) or send me an email (pullingstrings07@aol.com). I'll keep you posted on what other blog related things I do.

Thank you and goodnight. ♥