28 April, 2009

uh oh, somebody’s been a naughty little girl.

I’ve been so horrible as to not update recently. I haven’t even been logging into Blogger to check up on your blogs either! I feel so horrible, but I’m living life in the fast line!

Well, not really. Today’s my first day of school this week due to this fabulous phenomenon called Spring Weekend!

That translates to “Emily gets Monday off”. Now, see here, the plan was to catch up my commenting and blog a bit.
Instead, Roomie y yo ventured off to our dear friend’s house for the day, walked around a bit downtown, and watched Taken.
We also finished watching the Notebook, which we attempted to watch over Easter break. We finally got through with it! I’d never seen it (yes, shocking, I know!) and I thought it was so cute. :)

Our walk was a bit… creepy. Apparently, the citizens of Rhode Island haven’t ever seen a trio of girls walk down the street…
Well, we were in mini skirts.
And they were totally checkin’ us out.

No, just kidding! All the drivers kept staring though. :o

OH!~ I’m really sorry that I didn’t let you girls know earlier, but I was part of an online interview! It’s called “Words with a Blogger Wednesday” and it’s done by the lovely Tess over at Six Feet Under. If you’d be so lovely as to take a stroll over and check it out, here’s the link: Emily's Super Amazing Blogger Interview that Will Amaze and Entertain You with the Witty Remarks and Clever Anecdotes!
Yes, Emgurt will be provided! :D

Anyways, moving on! The weather this past weekend was amazing. I was so happy- it reminded me of that wonderful ole homeland of mine! I spent plenty of time outside, lounging, tanning…
Yesss, I’m a victim too. Only on my shoulders though.

I’m not really a fan of tanning, considering I love my paleness, but does anyone know how much crap I get from being so white? Really, it’s a bit ridiculous! Everybody has a comment to make on how Emily’s really Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Rawr! I’m not one to pay much attention to people’s opinions anyways, buuut I already get enough attention about ED and his crazy antics that sacrificing my lovely white skin for a few months is okay, as long as the remarks stop.
Stupid, right? I feel like a totally lame, “I change myself so people will like me more” girl. Ugg.

Oh well, doesn’t matter. On to the pictures!

010 coconut sorbet in a real coconut shell. :o011 012

one juicy pear with a side of trig prep.

015 say hello to yogurt parfait #2

061 greasy cheese sticks!!! :D so happy!


029 014









You didn’t think you’d get out of this post without some flower pictures, now did ya?

No new news to report on Fork Boy. He’s still there, staring/glaring away (depending on the day/time/weather/humidity/crazy male PMS cycle). I’m choosing to ignore it (well, not really) and try not to think that somehow I’ve insulted him in some way that makes me deserve these… looks. This tactic may not work, but you never know until you try, right? ;)

Now, I’m in the mood for a nice jog, so I’ll see you chicas later. Expect comments so long that they make War and Peace seem like a brochure! :)

Mucho amor! ♥ ♥

18 April, 2009

a new attitude!

so, ladies, here’s the update (through pictures, since I’m a tad bit lazy):

001yes, that’s fruit in the shape of a flower, down yonder. 003 006 008014001 002 003 DSC09908

Topic #1: New look!
It’s a lot more springier now, so I thought I’d ditch the old grey layout and bring in some cheer! Hope you guys like it. :)

Topic #2: Award!
Thaaaaaank you, Baylee. :] I always feel so much happier after getting award- helps me find the strength to keep trekkin’.
Problem is, most of you chicas have already gotten it, so this goes out to anyone who hasn’t gotten it yet.
Oh! And just realized that Debbie gave it to me too. :D Missed that earlier, but thank you all the same! *hug*


Topic #3: Eight things!
Back when I used to have a Myspace (deleted, long story), I loved posting bulletins like this!

8 Things I’m Looking Forward To: 
1) July! I’ll be in Atlanta at a Youth Conference for Medicine and I can’t wait.
2) Springfest! My school has a big festival each Spring, with free Ben&Jerry’s, Del’s Frozen Lemonade, and BBQ.
3) Driving! I don’t really like to, but now that I am officially a driver (meaning I have my real license!), I’m eager to go on adventures.
4) 17 – 20 April! Mi madre va a mi escuela para visitar. :)
5) Monday! Advisory/midterm grades come out. I’m aiming for all A+’s this term. I almost had it last term, but I got an A in Spanish. D:
6) Tomorrow! My dorm trip to bowling is tomorrow afternoon and I’m stoked. We’re eating out at this swanky Japanese place.
7) May 23! It’s the last day of classes for me. Unfortunately, there’s a week of exams that follows.
8) May 29! First day back in Georgia since March. :o Can’t wait! It’s going to be horribly hot and humid, but oh so wonderful!

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1) Skipped the gym, whoo!
2) Freaked out, ewww. Result of ED telling me Fork Boy thinks I’m fat. Gar!
3) Went to the Coffeehouse with my roomie and friend. I ordered a Chai Freeze (delicious!) and a parfait. Take a look at the pictures below- I bet you’ll be soo jealous.
4) Dressed down! The dress code at my school is formal, but yesterday was a special day where we could wear jeans. Much more comforting, but kinda scary in ED world. One word: thighs.
5) Watched the Dissipated 8 of Middlebury College perform. They were so wonderful! Look them up and give ‘em a listen!
6) Ate spinach-tomato-feta cheese bowtie pasta, the dining hall’s best food, imo.
7) Started Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.
8) Added a ton of new artists/songs to my music library, so I have new stuff to listen to during Study Hall.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
1) Tell ED to kick the bucket.
2) Work. All my friends at school have jobs during the summer, but I can’t work because it’s too far to drive to any decent place of business.
3) Spend more time outdoors. I always used to love going outside when I was little, but ED trampled all over that.
4) Be more social. Sounds lame, but I have the tendency to retreat into my shell like a little turtle and avoid any conversation outside my circle of friends.
5) Learn to stop keeping things bottled up. I let things pile up inside and then snap. It hurts and I don’t like it!
6) Run three miles in 25-30 minutes. I haven’t started running again so I know that I’m a bit behind and well… slow.
7) Sail. I’ve always wanted to try- Ted Turner’s fault- and at my school, it’s very popular. Plus, uhhh, Fork Boy sails. ;) He’s the best on the island, apparently.
8) Start ballet again. I stopped back in 6th grade, because, well, no reason. I just did. My mom was so mad that I stopped and wanted me to keep going, but I didn’t. I wish I had listened to her and kept up with it.

8 Shows I Watch:
1) House
2) The Closer
3) Saving Grace
4) Gilmore Girls
5) The Secret Life of the American Teenager (Lame, but addicting!)
6) I Love Money (Again, lame but addicting!)
7) In Plain Sight
8) The Office

Topic #4: Fork Boy
So, I have this friend that… well, hasn’t always been so trusty worthy. Last year, in the Spring, she wasn’t my friend and I really disliked her. Why? Because she was majorly flirting with the guy I was dating. He had asked her out so many times, but she always said no. As soon as I started going out with him, she wanted him and she wanted him bad. She was all over him when I wasn’t there and would flirt with him even when I was. I really didn’t like her then, but this year, we became much closer. We both faced some really horrible boy problems and we kind of bonded over that. We both have the same humanities class and lunch period so we spend a lot of time together. All of my other friends told me to be a little cautious with her, considering the past, but I decided that I wanted to give her a second chance.
So, I told her about Fork Boy.
I told her about how every one thinks we’ll be the perfect couple, how he glares/stares at me, how we used to be friends, how he always eats really slow at lunch so it just so happens that he leaves the same time I do… every day. (And I am one of the slowest eaters known to man, so come on! There’s something there, right?)

I also told her about my dream.
This dream happened a few nights ago and it was one of those dreams in reverse… like the last part happens first, the first part happens last.  Really weird, but it scared me.
It started out with my great aunt and I riding in a carriage through Poland. Then it flashed to Fork Boy and he grabbed my arm, screaming at me to listen to him, that it wasn’t like that, that he really only did it to make me jealous. Then I’m in front of Frosty Freeze (ice cream shop), but I’m not ordering anything. Next, my friend is crying and repeating, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean too. We only did it to make you guys jealous. It wasn’t supposed to be like this!” Then, I’m at Frosty Freeze again and the woman at the counter is asking me why I’m crying. Finally, it ends with me, buying a plane ticket to Poland, and sobbing over a text message from this really bitchy girl in my chem class, saying “*My friend* made out with *Fork Boy* in front of the whole sailing team, haha.”
And I told her all of this. She said she’d never ever even try to steal a boy from me… but she has before. I started to get really freaked out. ED set in and all I could think of was how much prettier/skinnier/smarter she was. She has things in common with him- they both sail, they both live nearby, they have the same old friends from before this school. I just psyched myself out and I felt like crap all morning long. I went to the gym early this morning, hoping I could just block it out. It worked until I came out of the gym and he walked by. Totally blew all the progress I had made in those gym hours.

I talked to one of my friends about it and she just looked at me, silent. I hate when people look at me for extended periods of time (thank you, ED), so of course, I got all weirded out.

You know what she said?
”Wow, Em, you have fallen so hard.”

And she’s so horribly right.
I used to have this huge crush on him last year and we were friends. I had almost every class with him and we were both kind of the dumb kids… not saying we were actually stupid, but we were in Geo H, when we’d never taken Algebra I, and in Physics, which required at least AG2 math skills. We would always see who got the lowest scores and laugh about it. (Rumor has it, he got a 235/240 on the PSATs, so yeah, not stupid.)

But, haven’t I learned my lesson?
With Fritz, I fell so hard, so fast. It was great- I was happy and so was he. Everyone thought we were the couple that would last past college. He was even going to apply to Emory (where I want to go), so he could have that as his 2nd choice. We had plans, even though it sounds ridiculous. (I mean, I’m 16, seriously!) But we did. We fell apart though. I was devastated.

Do I really want to do this again?
Especially when I know that my friend *might* just go after him.
And what if she does and she gets him?
How would I feel about that?

High school = suckage.
Avoid at all costs.

Don’t you wish you could just sleep through those years?

Ending on a positive note though! :)


chai freeze. :D


honey bun.


yogurt parfait with a big ole blackberry.

015   006 002Squeeee! Isn’t he cute? :)

Wow, if you guys made it this far, you are something else. Mucho amor, mis chicas. I feel like I’m being such a complaining little squirt lately, but I can’t stop myself. I have, as my dad calls it, “diarrhea of the mouth” and I can’t stop talking… typing.
Thanks for reading though. :) Makes me happy.

I’ll comment on your blogs, asap.
Enjoy your Saturday/Sunday.

♥ ♥ ♥

16 April, 2009


So so sorry, I haven't been posting lately, girlies. I've been following all of your posts, just not commenting. (I know, lazy me!)

Thanks to Baylee for giving me that award and to Debbie for tagging me for the eight things (definitely going to do it).

Oh, and welcome back, Morgy! Sorry I didn't comment you yet! (Feel free to steal my yogurt as an apology!)

Also, hope everything's going well for, Kiki. Keep strong!

Thanks for reading my blog. I really appreciate it! ♥
I promise to post sometime this weekend/early next week.

06 April, 2009


Heya chicas. Hope your Mondays weren’t too evil!

Buuut, does anyone else get the feeling that this week in going to be the bomb-diggity? Even though it’s Holy Week and I have FOUR days of masses/spiritual activities in a row, I think it’s going to be great.

I have that feeling, deep down in my bones.

Anyways, it started out pretty wonderful- yesterday was so beautiful. It rained all last week but Sunday was clear and bright. Perfect day for a trip downtown!

My friend and I traveled downtown for some prime bonding time. We talked a lot and (I think) really got to know each other better. It was so much fun too. :)

We decided to eat at this restaurant called the “Brick Alley Pub” and being low on cash, we decided to split an appetizer with a side salad each.

003 spinach and artichoke with bacon and tomato toppings. SO SO GOOD.


007a caesar salad for moi

and a garden salad for mi amiga008 look at that action shot ;)

and some piccies of us and our dock trespassing adventures.




095 153





186some cherry garcia. ♥



pretty great time, if I must say so myself. :)

And a funny yet awkward story to tell you guys! Today at lunch, I was chatting with this freshman boy who is hilarious and he mentioned the above pictures (my friend put them on her facebook yesterday). I was like, "Oh yeah, I'm sucha baaabe." The boy kinda looked at me funny and said, "Mhmm, well, no, not really." Umm… that’s hard to recover from but I noticed that he kept looking behind me for some reason, so I turned around and BAM! Fork boy was right there, staring at us. He turned around and stalked off, leaving the two of us a little weirded out. The freshman was like, "Um, that was interesting. Why on Earth does he stare at you all the time? Weeeirdo." He told me later that he didn’t want to say anything about the pictures because fork boy was back there, glaring as usual.

It was funny to me.

‘Cause ya’ll know why he stares at me.
’Cause I’m a total baaabe. ;)

Just kidding!

I’m off to take a shower, so enjoy your night, lovelies. ♥

04 April, 2009


‘Ello girlies. Can’t promise this will be an inspirational post or anything. I don’t even think it’ll be positive, but I’m determined to pull through! By the end of this post, I will be happy!

What’s with the negative attitude already, you wonder?
I got all pretty for a fork boy today and I didn’t even see him.

Yeah, laaaaaame. Maybe this is a sign from God… if so, I’m determined to ignore it!

My hair was so pretty too. My beloved roomie straightened it and as she said, “You look like an international pop star. He’s gonna die when he sees this.”
Except he didn’t ‘cause he never did.

Oh, and, in case you couldn’t guess it, Emily has moved from ‘I’m curious about you’ to ‘I’m seriously crushing on you’. Gah.

There’s a Mardi Gras dance tonight (little late, huh?) and I’m not going. I’m not a big dancing girl or anything, I just really really don’t want to go tonight. Reasons?
1) It’s windy and cold as hell outside.
2) As much as I hate to admit it, fork boy won’t be there, so I have no reason

Instead, I’m curling up in front of the comp to watch Gilmore Girls and bemoan Rory’s loss of Logan in the final season with my handy dandy fro-yo. Oh yes, big evening for meee.

A good thing though- fork boy has totally stopped the glaring. Now, it’s just awkward staring. Let me set the scene:

Fork boy: *stare*
Me: *catches him staring; expects him to look away*
Fork boy: *stare*
Me: *panic*
Fork boy: … *stare*
Me: *runs away*


Fork boy: *staaaare*

I feel like I have something weird on my face that he keeps staring at but no, no luck there.
I do not understand boys nor do I ever wish too.
I’ll stick with trying to get through Spanish 2H without having to talk at all.


I’m a lame-o (see mention above) ‘cause I have been so self-conscious lately and haven’t been taking my phone to lunch… well, I have, I just don’t take pictures ‘cause I feel like some one’s staring me down.

Oh wait, they are.

Anyways, I do have some bar pictures. [I' am still eating brekkie, lunch & dinner, don’t fear!)


To be completely honest, I really do not like this flavor.
It’s too dry and maybe me feel too jittery.


Like everyone else, I’ve heard the rumors about clif/luna’s eviiil
chemical taste but I haven’t actually experienced it.
until now.

Another bar that I really didn’t like. It sounded so tasty but
really, it’s just blegh.


And presenting the missing element of the Emily diet:

002yooooogurt. :D
Not my favorite flavor, but  it’ll do.

Oh, and some evil demonic soul stole some of my yogurt. My special, I-got-on-public-transport-for-an-hour-and-a-half Chobani. They stole my –peach- flavor too.  Sure, I don’t like peach flavor all too much (ironic huh, me being from Georgia and all) but I just knew Chobani would renew my faith in the fleshy fruits.

Guess I’ll never know.
I seriously hate communal fridges. D:

Sharing time:

007more roomie hair skills.
”i’m zee masta of zee flatz iron-a.”
yeah, she fails at a german accent. ;)

Have a nice Saturday night. Some one go live it up for me, while I wallow in self-pity like a lame-o, tehe.

your support is always so wonderful. *hugzz*