28 February, 2009


Hello Saturday! :D Classes are officially over until after March vacation! Only exams are left! :)

Today was such a great day to end on too. I had my Spanish oral and it went well! :)
Then, I had a quiz in Humanities that I made a perfect score on! (It was the last grade of the term, not counting the exam.)
And to top it all off, the dining hall has the infamous YOGURT BAR today. :D Happy Emily!

But before we get onto that, let's take a peek at yesterday's eats. (:o that rhymed!)

Yesterday's Breakfast:

cheese omelette with blueberry yogurt!
(yes, yes, yes, yogurt! it has returned ♥)

no waffles though. :(
silly cafeteria people didn't have the
waffle bar, as they promise!

Yesterday's Lunch:

seaweed-wrapped rice and acorn squash
with chickpeas and fresh rosemary tomatoes

aaaand, a piece of whole wheat margherita pizza:
spinach, tomatoes, and cheese. :)

the return of my long awaited lunch-ly yoggie :)
vanilla with honey, dried
cranberries, and bran flakes.

And since today's feature was the lovely yogurt bar, guess what lunch was?


one giant (think james and the...)
bowl of vanilla yogurt with blueberries, honey and granola.

and as Morgan would say,

And one is never enough. :)
I also snagged this cute little bowl-
it has fruits bordering the top.

I've discovered that I am not in the mood to study for exams, at all. Not saying that anyone is ever in the mood to study, but I'm seriously put out by it. Instead of trying to study, I went over to the art center and made a friend of mine a birthday card. Her's is tomorrow and we can't really do anything special. I spent two hours on it, so it was distracting as well as fun. I gained this little bit of advice too: pastels are a girl's best friend. After finishing hers, I grabbed a blank sheet of paper and got to scribbling:

I was in an "Espanol" sort of mood.
(thankfully, her card is in tact and
completely unharmed by this craziness. :P)

And in the midst of eating tonight's dinner, I was attacked with a surprise hug from said friend, squealing about how happy she was. :) Kind of made me feel better about skipping out on exam studying. I still have all of tomorrow and Monday morning to study for my first exam anyways.


tomato-y lasagna with chickpeas


vanilla cupcake and a banana. :)

I'm going to the gym for a little while before I really buckle down and start studying.
Have a great rest of the night, ladies!

***Edittt! Totally forgot about this earlier (silly me!) but bam! My first ever Bloggie Award. :)

Thanks Morgan and Kiki!
I'm not sure who to tag (since it seems like everyone's been tagged at least once!),
so I'm going to pick the girlies I haven't seen mentioned in a post:

Stacey over at Tea and Trifle
Squill over at Seeds and Honey
Lyssy over at Improving Myself In A New Way

Sorry if you've already been tagged!


And don't forget to check this out:
barney butter giveaway!

I had some on a sandwich once. Love at first bite. ;)

26 February, 2009


Hola chicas! After skipping another day of blogging, I have this to confess:

I have not eaten yogurt in three days. :o

Yeah, the dining hall is being purely evil and not serving any yogurt, at all! :( I have some Yoplait and Activia stowed in the fridge, but I want to save that for exams next week.

If there's no yogurt tomorrow, some one is going to be in trouble.

Yesterday's Breakfast:

Rice Krispies + Skim Milk
*snap* *crackle* *pop*

Mr. Currant Scone + Cream Cheese Frosting
(weird combination, but a delicious breakfast treat!)

Yesterday's Snack:

Heated him up for a bit in the microwave.
yum, yum, yum. the walnuts are so big and tasty! :)

Other than those foodies, I have no pictures from yesterday. I lost my phone half way through the day and that resulted in a lack of food pictures to share. Sorry. :(

But on to today! :D I got my AGII test back and I didn't fail- only an A-! I'm really excited about it since I thought I had gotten at least half of the questions wrong! :D My average went down to an A, but I'm okay with that. So relieved too- I thought I was going to have to majorly cram for the exam.

Today was a weird pig-out sort of day for me- a bunch of oily, greasy, sugary foods that everyone knooows they love.



veggie quesdilla with a side of veggies. x2
(Me gustan las verduras. :D)

Hello, cheesy, oily, veggie deliciousness.
(well, maybe not the oily part :o)


two slices of steaming hot cheese pizza.
♥ I was ready for a challenge today!

Snack #2:

two lindt dark chocolate truffles, leftover
from mi madre's v-day package.

Nothing else important to report. The weather was nice today, windy as usual but bright.

Spring's coming. :)
Have a great rest of the night, girlies! ♥

24 February, 2009


Happy Mardi Gras, girlies! :)
Don't go too crazy, tehe.

Oh, and I'm ready to strangle the word verification thingie. D: Will there ever be a solution?


Chocolate Raspberry Luna Bar
:( Silly thing was past its expiration date.

I don't know why, but I really like this. :)


Sweet potato fries + ketchup, with corn.
Sorry, they're a little blurry.


Mardi Gras themed, of course!

Okra + Tomatoes, with sunflower seeds.

Louisiana-style Flank Steak with A1 Sauce! :D
I love A1. ♥ ♥
(It's possible the greatest thing since sliced bread.)


pumpkin ice cream on top of
a mashed&microwaved banana

Weather: :o

It was so pretty today: nice and blue... but something was amiss in the world.
There was NO yogurt in the diet of Emily today. :O

Uggg, the steak's starting to turn on me. Tummie and meat just don't get along very well. I'm going to take a quick nap to (hopefully) make it better.

And happy pre-Ash Wednesday.
I've got an all school retreat tomorrow and a nice *cough* not *cough* hour long mass to celebrate it.

Enjoy the rest of your night, girlies! :D

23 February, 2009


Monday's suck. :(

After actually beasting my chem test today, I pretty much failed my AG2 test. I forgot how to graph logs right before my teacher passed the test out and it just so happens that the first question was, you guessed it!, graphing the darn things. Exams are next week so I can't even make this stupid thing up in time.

Logs = mean
I'm going have to study pretty hard for the exams. D:

On top of that, the stupid word verifications aren't working right. :( I can't even comment on half your blogs! Sorry, girlies! ♥

Oh well, the day got better when I was awarded this title:

the "Manny Ramirez" of
Vocabulary Baseball

Ignore the fact that I had no idea who he was before today. I felt pretty special.

But on to the eatsss:


Before he took a spell in the microwave:

Wheat Toast and Spinach Salad with
Feta Cheese, Corn, Tomatoes & Glazed Tofu

And, of course, some yogurt:
vanilla yogurt plus rice krispies,
honey, and chocolate chips.

No dinner pics tonight. Instead of bringing my phone along to sports today, I forgot it and roomie+me went to dinner directly after. :(
But dinner was a bowl of Manhattan Clam Chowder with brussel sprouts on the side.

Don't worry, I do have dessert pictures:

a mashed and microwaved banana (nice and warm!)
with haagan daaz honey vanilla fro-yo

one delicious beastie ♥

Have a lovely night, chicas. :)

22 February, 2009


Forgot to add this little picture yesterday:

Luna's + Clif's = Yumminess.
No Larabars, unfortunately.

As I promised myself yesterday, today has not been a lazy Sunday. I've finished up my lab report and mi tarea para espanol, but I still need to write my "paper" for Humanities and read Paradise Lost.

The paper will be pretty easy- it's not the typical five paragraph sort of essay. We have to write a play, basically, where John Locke and Thomas More meet in the afterlife. I actually think it's going to be fun. :D

Anyways, on to the eats. As I do every Sunday, I ate a big brunch:

Kashi Waffle + Honey Chobani Yogurt

(waffle + dollop of yogurt on top)
Mmmm, so yummy.
(waffle + smeared dollop of yogurt)

*chomp chomp chomp*

Banana. :D

Add a bag of grapes to that and you've got brunch for me. :)

Snack time: grits + cheese

I've always loved grits, but the school never has them for breakfast, so I'm forced to buy instant stuff from the store. Still yummy and it reminds me of home, which by the way, I'll be returning to in eleven days! I'm so excited- I can finally bake again, whoot! I've decided what I want to make first: heart-shaped scones. It may be a little past v-day, but what the heck? I can picture it clearly in my mind but describing it- that's a different story! I had a dream about them awhile back- cranberry scones with a heart cut into the middle of each. The heart shape will only be deep enough so that it puffs up a little while the scones bake. And I'm making baklava and fudge balls. Squeeee, I'm so excited.

I only have to get so exams first... :o

Dinner tonight's supposed to be Southern Fried Chicken. It's going to be a challenge, but I think I can handle it. I'll post up piccies later.

21 February, 2009


I'm in a great mood today! Yes, after that horrifying Thursday, I've come back with a bang!

I was feeling a bit creative today, so I tried making a new layout. It's all spring-y outside and the sun's shining so I wanted something to fit the season. It still has a few kinks that I need to work out, but overall, I love it! :)

And, it made me feel naughty, tehe. I should have written a paper for Humanities today and finished up my lab report, but I didn't. Usually, I never put off school work (chronic perfectionist student hybrid), but today, today was today! :) I'm in such an odd mood that I can't explain. Sunday can deal with that homework, not today!

Even though I had class today (yuck!) and it kinda bummed me out, I was so excited for Clement's! Roomie plus another buddy walked with me there- a mile and a half, or so MapQuest said. I'm convinced it was lying, 'cause it took forever.

I discovered a wonderful thing upon our arrival.:

Clement's = Earthfare

Not sure if any of you are familiar with it- just like a Trader Joe's or Whole Foods, but its indigenous to the Southeast. (NC, SC + Georgia, mostly, I think)

And I love Earthfare. I was positive that I never needed to find love in the world, because I'd already found it in a grocery store. Earthfare and I, walking to the alter, him promising to be well stocked of delicious fruits for eternity...

Anyways! It was fun, until despair came- in the form of my freshman English teacher... and the mother of a boy I used to date. :o Oh boy, can you feel the love? In a situation like this, awkward as all get up, what's a girl to do?

Well, in this case, get a ride back with the woman! Don't get the wrong idea, this. was. NOT. my. idea. I'm a firm believer in self-preservation, thank you very much, and riding in the car with your ex's mother does not fall into that category. But, nooo, in they hopped and I followed- hyperventalating. Yes, she inspires fear in all.

I remember last year, pre-breakup, I loved her and vice-versa. Not anymore- it's World War 3 all over again and I'm unfortunately the losing side. Fail for me. :)

It wasn't all too bad, not counting the sneaky remarks she made about my performance last year in her class. D: The highest grade you can get in her class is an A- and I got it, but noooo, impossible for her to let me triumph!

Even now, I really do wish she liked me still. I didn't do anything to her son- he did all the hurting! (Can you say "voicemail breakup"?) I'm one of those school dorks and I like for teachers to like me. I hate when teachers either don't like me at all or have no opinion. :( I hate it even more when their opinion changes, for the worse.

Stopping the self-pity spiel and moving onto the pictures:

On the walk over. Cute little old people lived there. (;

And, of course, I can't take a trip anywhere without some flower pictures.

I was a tad excited. :D
It's a giant waving potato, what do you expect?

Sushi. :o
So many yummy kinds!

Scorpus and Yellow. (:

20 February, 2009


Hola, chicas. :) Hope you're all having a great day!

I'm feeling a lot better today... silly me from yesterday. I don't like feeling like that. I guess you have to feel a little down every once and awhile so that you can feel better. :D

Since today's Friday (whoot! well, kinda... I have class tomorrow), it was fish day in the cafeteria:


whole wheat tuna fish sammie, with
olives, tomatoes, and swiss cheese.

I'd forgotten how much I actually like tuna fish! It was yummy. :)

Today was the school play! Right before roomie and I made our way over to watch, I got a little chow:

tuna fish and cheese sandwich with
green beanies and a banana.

The bananas look really great today- really big-
so I stashed some in my coat. :o

And ate one on the road:

The play was My Fair Lady and I was so surprised- it was great! I watched the movie once on TCM and didn't really like it, but I loved it on stage! I was a little distracted by the clothes (a few of their vests+jackets I was willingly to "borrow") but the acting and singing was pretty good. The girl who played "Eliza Doolittle" actually learned a bit of a British accent. I was pretty impressed.

Overall, it was a pretty good day. And tomorrow will be even better- I'm going to Clement's. Its a local grocery store and I've never been before. Very excited. I love grocery stores. :)

Hope everyone's was as good too! Have a wonderful rest of the night.