24 November, 2008


Thank God, its Thanksgiving Break! (:
And I'm 16, whoo! As of yesterday, actually. I'm so happy.
And the past few days have been pretty great.

Saturday, I flew back to Atlanta, through the dreaded Boston-Logan Airport.
Its horrible to get through, security checkpoints are hell, and your flight is never on time or actually in the gate its supposed to be. I've never once flown in or out of Boston on time. Its so stressful!
Luckily, there's this really good restaurant called Fresh City that has amazing burritos and smoothies. I ordered a Grande Burrito or something like that (I forgot XD) with added avocado.

At least Boston is pretty. (:

Sunday, my parents and I went to Harry's and the Dekalb Farmer's Market. I saw the first Chai Tea Luna Bar ever- well, at least for me. Plus, there were so many delicious fresh fruits. (:
I got to celebrate my birthday too. I have some pictures on my phone that I haven't uploaded yet, so I'll update later.

And today has been pretty nice. It was the first time I've gotten to cook since September. I went easy though, a little bit of a warm up, and made an omelet.

Its an egg white omelet with spinach, slices of tofurkey, onions, parmesan cheese, and celery. And those are sprouts on top. yummy. :D

19 November, 2008


Yesterday's dinner was disgusting- all they had was chicken, meat ravioli, and beef patties. I had to stick with a wilted salad that was gross, no matter how you looked at it. They did had cider and popcorn though. (:

Gooood morning breakfast!

I missed the cafeteria's breakfast hours so I had a Luna Bar, along with my morning studying.
Boo for exams. D:

18 November, 2008


starting over! (: yep, that's right- a brand new blog full of pictures of my 'attempts' at creating yummy meat-free foods while away at school. its been pretty hard lately... well, forever, actually.


My name's Emily and I'm currently fifteen years old. (Sixteen on November 23rd :D)

I was born and raised in Georgia, living with my two parents in the middle of nowhere. In eighth grade, I got a letter in the mail, inviting me to apply for a scholarship to a boarding school in New England.

Fast forward two years and here I am: a sophomore, already ready for college. This year, I've decided that I'd like to be a vegetarian (with the exception of the occasional serving of fish). I still plan to eat milk and egg products too. (Even though I would love to be vegan or, maybe someday, raw!)

I love to read, especially the classics, like Anna Karenina and The Count of Monte Cristo. I also love manga and cookbooks. :) I do keep a book of poetry to read too. I collect clothes, haha. Mostly vintage finds that I steal from my mom's 60's-70's closet, cutesy things I find at the mall, and random odds and ends from thrift stores/discount warehouses. I also love to grocery shop, especially at Earthfare and Whole Foods. <3>