29 December, 2008


More avocados please!

A yummy avocado, feta cheese, asparagus quesadilla with a side of spicy salsa was just the thing for my craving. And a clementine Izze worked as an excellent compliment to the dish. (:

Tomorrow, I'm going to the mountains, yaaay. I'm making muffins with crystallized ginger, dried apricots, and chocolate chips for the trip. Plus,

I'm tackling my first bread project while we're up there- bagels! Might be a little challenging but I think I can handle it. I don't have a bread machine so I'll have to knead it myself... little scared there!

28 December, 2008


Yesterday, I went shopping at Earthfare for the first time in months! I got really excited- I've got three new types of trail mix to try and I replenished my Luna bar supply. I also picked up a Larabar to try. Can't wait. (:

Today's "lunch project" was Gimme Lean sausage dumplings. Its the only "healthy" food my entire family likes. :D My parents were stoked that I made them, so stoked that I ended up using half the package of Gimme Lean and twenty or so wonton wrappers. Well worth the work! Using a vegetable steamer worked a lot better than boiling.

Perfect with the cherries I bought yesterday from Publix, on sale. Whooo! [:

26 December, 2008


Boy am I stuffed! My mom used the last of her homemade pizza dough today so I could create this lovely pizza (...maybe not the typical Christmas dinner)! It has spinach, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. The last pizza dough made thin crisp crust but all the toppings would fall off and burn eager fingers (uhh... mine.) This crust turned out even better this time- no toppings came tumbling. It was the perfect companion for a night marathon of House.

My grandparents' turned out to be a bust- I ended up eating four twice-baked potatoes (that my mom had made)!! Everything else was pretty icky. The fudge balls I made weren't a hit either. One of my aunts really liked them but that was it... more for me, at least! I never thought that Jiff Peanut Butter and Ghirardelli Chocolate Chips melted together wouldn't be well received. :(

25 December, 2008


Late night bake craze! At a little after midnight, I decided to make Simple Muffins I saw on vegweb. Just whole wheat muffins that you can easily customize. I read through a lot of the comments and altered a few things (pre-heat at 450 and bake it 400 worked really well!). The muffins were completely done through out after seventeen minutes.

Concerning to actual ingredients, I used half brown sugar, half agave nectar, instead of a cup and half of brown sugar. I also added chocolate chips, dried cranberries, and chopped pecans. They're so yummy! And the texture is just perfect. I'm planning on having them for breakfast along with some black raspberries.

24 December, 2008


Long time no see, huh? Since I'm home, I can finally make delicious things. :)

I have a serious avocado fetish and I hadn't had one since Thanksgiving break so first up was an avocado-feta cheese tortilla wrap! <3

Next was this delicious smoothie! I squeezed fresh pomegranate juice and blended it together with a cup of spinach, twelve frozen blackberries and a handful of black seedless grapes. So good that my dad actually liked it and he absolutely despises "healthy" food.

In the spirit of Christmas, I had to make a dessert today! Buuut, I, along with my parents, are spending it with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. from my mom's side... let's just say they're extremely picky. If it isn't a Snickers beside their hot dog and cheesy mac then they just won't have it! After two hours of relentless searching, I finally decided on these Fudge Balls, only substituting the maple syrup for agave nectar and leaving out the nuts. The decorative nuts/berries are a product of overbearing parents, haha.

03 December, 2008


Thanksgiving Break's over. :(
My camera broke on my birthday too, which sucks.

I attempted to make some Chai Tea Breakfast Marathon Muffins from vegweb last Wednesday. They took forever to bake and they were still a little moist but really really good!

Only good picture I ended up getting. :(

For my birthday, I got to stay on the top floor of Atlanta's Marriot Marquis. It was amazing.

The view was incredible.

24 November, 2008


Thank God, its Thanksgiving Break! (:
And I'm 16, whoo! As of yesterday, actually. I'm so happy.
And the past few days have been pretty great.

Saturday, I flew back to Atlanta, through the dreaded Boston-Logan Airport.
Its horrible to get through, security checkpoints are hell, and your flight is never on time or actually in the gate its supposed to be. I've never once flown in or out of Boston on time. Its so stressful!
Luckily, there's this really good restaurant called Fresh City that has amazing burritos and smoothies. I ordered a Grande Burrito or something like that (I forgot XD) with added avocado.

At least Boston is pretty. (:

Sunday, my parents and I went to Harry's and the Dekalb Farmer's Market. I saw the first Chai Tea Luna Bar ever- well, at least for me. Plus, there were so many delicious fresh fruits. (:
I got to celebrate my birthday too. I have some pictures on my phone that I haven't uploaded yet, so I'll update later.

And today has been pretty nice. It was the first time I've gotten to cook since September. I went easy though, a little bit of a warm up, and made an omelet.

Its an egg white omelet with spinach, slices of tofurkey, onions, parmesan cheese, and celery. And those are sprouts on top. yummy. :D

19 November, 2008


Yesterday's dinner was disgusting- all they had was chicken, meat ravioli, and beef patties. I had to stick with a wilted salad that was gross, no matter how you looked at it. They did had cider and popcorn though. (:

Gooood morning breakfast!

I missed the cafeteria's breakfast hours so I had a Luna Bar, along with my morning studying.
Boo for exams. D:

18 November, 2008


starting over! (: yep, that's right- a brand new blog full of pictures of my 'attempts' at creating yummy meat-free foods while away at school. its been pretty hard lately... well, forever, actually.


My name's Emily and I'm currently fifteen years old. (Sixteen on November 23rd :D)

I was born and raised in Georgia, living with my two parents in the middle of nowhere. In eighth grade, I got a letter in the mail, inviting me to apply for a scholarship to a boarding school in New England.

Fast forward two years and here I am: a sophomore, already ready for college. This year, I've decided that I'd like to be a vegetarian (with the exception of the occasional serving of fish). I still plan to eat milk and egg products too. (Even though I would love to be vegan or, maybe someday, raw!)

I love to read, especially the classics, like Anna Karenina and The Count of Monte Cristo. I also love manga and cookbooks. :) I do keep a book of poetry to read too. I collect clothes, haha. Mostly vintage finds that I steal from my mom's 60's-70's closet, cutesy things I find at the mall, and random odds and ends from thrift stores/discount warehouses. I also love to grocery shop, especially at Earthfare and Whole Foods. <3>