18 November, 2008


My name's Emily and I'm currently fifteen years old. (Sixteen on November 23rd :D)

I was born and raised in Georgia, living with my two parents in the middle of nowhere. In eighth grade, I got a letter in the mail, inviting me to apply for a scholarship to a boarding school in New England.

Fast forward two years and here I am: a sophomore, already ready for college. This year, I've decided that I'd like to be a vegetarian (with the exception of the occasional serving of fish). I still plan to eat milk and egg products too. (Even though I would love to be vegan or, maybe someday, raw!)

I love to read, especially the classics, like Anna Karenina and The Count of Monte Cristo. I also love manga and cookbooks. :) I do keep a book of poetry to read too. I collect clothes, haha. Mostly vintage finds that I steal from my mom's 60's-70's closet, cutesy things I find at the mall, and random odds and ends from thrift stores/discount warehouses. I also love to grocery shop, especially at Earthfare and Whole Foods. <3>