11 May, 2009

your eggo’s preggo.

Right now, I imagine all of you lovely readers glaring at me for my lack of posting (last time was April?!) and wondering what the excuse is this time…

Yes, I’m pregnant.

Haha, no. Just kidding. But, I have been making my future children at Make Me Baby. Yeahhh, I know, it’s a lame, but really, I’ve discovered the David Beckham will never be my baby’s daddy. But between Fork Boy and Fritz, Fritz totally wins out. Makes me sad.

All of this stems from my friend’s SICK mind! She took a picture of Fork Boy and me and made our little “Edward”.
God, what an ugly child.
And I told her that, which she came back with, “Well, fine! If you don’t like that baby, make one with Cheesy French Fries.” (Read Fritz there.)

I accepted my challenge and bam!babywb20090509024034bphcg4n29u889nmt2jtslfcob0_yes, she does have a turban on her head.
(& if you think hannah marie is not cute,
compare her to Fork Boy’s baby…. she wins.)

Which got me to thinking about ole dear Fritzy pants. 
And how we always used laugh and to talk on the phone.
Now, we just text.
I miss him a lot, to be honest.

But we text each other almost every day… that’s not healthy. Really. Not. At. All. But he makes me happy.

Seriously, I can not stop laughing when we “talk”. I get that happy warm feeling inside, which is not good ‘cause I’ve gone down this road before. Look how that turned out.

And what about Fork Boy? I thought I liked him. But when ever Fritz is mentioned, Fork Boy… well, he can go kick rocks compared to Fritz.

Which got me to thinking some more… would I ever… I dunno, go out with Fritz again? We’re definitely hanging out this summer (me+him at the Warped Tour) but I don’t know what that’ll lead to. More of, what do I want it to lead to? Can we make it work again? Should we even try? I know when I talk to him I get the feeling that’s what he wants but I never know. Am I being too self-centered? Has he forgiven me after all that I did to him? Was I really to blame? Did I really end it all with that decision or was it him?

UGGG! I don’t even know anymore. I refuse to think about it until after school’s out.

Now, for some photos.

012 scallops with the madre.

018nummy sausage shrimp.

181the madre’s steak taco bowl.

180   my spinach-black bean burrito.

262 eggplant parmesan panini!

oh, and for your viewing pleasure:

046 082 069 072 101 171118 241 369231 367 110115 142 350238   199211303 269 290 308    I think I’ve bored you guys enough with that.

Anyways, I had the greatest Saturday night of all time. Why?

Because of the CARNIVAL! Yes, I’m officially a carnie now, hahaha! It was so much fun. Picture a 6x6 inch piece of fried dough with a centimeter of powered sugar, next to a spinny, scrambler ride, a stuffed fish/ornament, and a frozen Red Bull concoction.

I know, it sounds like the bomb.
’Cause it waaaas!

I watched Juno this past weekend too, so I’m even happier.

And today was pretty bomb diggity too! Except for a few lame parts, including one where this guy in my Humanities class asked me if I was smashed at the Carnival ‘cause apparently there’s a rumor going around about my ‘activities’ at said carnie.
Yay! /sarcasm
Oh, and just in case you were wondering, I wasn’t. I have a low tolerance for sugar/caffeine, so yeah, when you give me a frozen energy drink and a cookie, I appear as if I hit the piss. (Tina, that’s for you! Fritz told me it was an Aussie term he used back when he was home in Perth, so if you aren’t familiar with it, blame him!)

At lunch, Fork Boy sat at my table.
I freaked, to be honest.
Even in light of my revelations about Fritzy, I was freaked.
I was scared shitless.

I probably wouldn’t have been half so scared if he and his little groupies weren’t listening to every single flippin’ word my lunch buddy and I were saying. I was trying to divulge the rumors going around (#1, see above) and all I could do was try and spell it out on the table with no words. All I got across was “B” and all I got back was “The…. lis..nin” which I assumed was “The butt holes over yonder on the other side of the table are listening”.
Way to ruin our secret telling session.

Boys are butt faces.

Sorry for the lack of updating and commenting. I swear on the very soul of all that is sacred in my world (basically, emgurt) that I’ll get to commentin’. Expect deep, meaningful notes.

Mucho amor, mis chicas.
♥ Hooroo. :)


Anonymous said...


I do not approve of this constant disappearing off the face of the Earth ):

Makes me shaaaad.

No idea what the whole story is with Fritz, so I guess I can't comment? But I wish you luck with...whatever happens, I s'pose.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

I missed you! I was so ecstatic to hear from you again dear!
and oh my god, don't you scare me like that again! I'm really damn gullible, so if you say you're pregnant, I really will believe it!
wow...the eggplant parm panini has got me drooling...yum oh yum!
and urgh, boys, why don't they just drop off the face of the earth. haah!

Baylee♥ said...

your eggo's preggo!!! gotta love juno!!! :)

well im super glad to hear your not really preggo - although i often wonder if being preggo would make me let go of ed's stupid thoughts because i have no choice but to get fat. fat = happy. haha.

boys are the most selfish creatures on earth. what happened to guys from the olden days. guys that actually cared about making girls happy. i've decided to remain a single dog lady forever.after all, dogs love unconditionally.

loveee the prety flowers babe! so colorful!!

Anonymous said...

hi girlie, i just came across your blog for the first time and i lvoe it already :)
those pics of the flowers are so beautiful!!
yup, boys are but faces for sure...well said :)

Melinda said...

Love all of the flowers- my fave are orchids!

Tiny Tina. said...

FINALLY. This bloody comment window has taken literally a whole day to load!
Hehe..I love your baby. Was it born with the turban? =P
About Fritzy..did things end on a bad note? Perhaps in time, you might see that you both can't fight feelings for each other. If that's the case, you shouldn't deny yourself of something fantastic, something that makes you feel good. =)
HE'S AN AUSSIE?! WOW! I never knew this! YAY. I feel so..tied to you, more than usual! Hahaha I'm an eeediot.
Yes, on the piss is something I've heard before. I sometimes like to say "he/she was so pissed". As in, drunk. =D Like you were. But not really, more like hyped up on sugar. I love sugar highs!
That eggplant panini looks so good! SO PORNILICIOUS.
And pretty flowers. It makes me long for the days of spring..which are months away now. >.<
And I just wanted to say thank you so much for your comment. It really brightened up my week actually. =) This is just not worth it. At all.
Slap dem boys! Hannah Marie can do it and run away! Because no one can be mean to a baby, right?!
Lots and lots of love!

Meg said...

Bahaha my stomach actually JUMPED when I read "I'm pregnant"....I was like...no...oh wait...she's not. Good. Haha! I love your baby. But uh, wait a few years ;)

Holy shit girl, your eats look to-die-for. Send me some?! I'm glad you're enjoying yourself, and I'm glad you're back in the blogworld, we've missed youuu!

You and that boy, girl AUSSIE?! Does he have an accent...oh la la!

Have a wonderful evening!

Love always,

Anonymous said...

amen to boys being buttfaces!!
you are one talented flower photographer my dear.