28 April, 2009

uh oh, somebody’s been a naughty little girl.

I’ve been so horrible as to not update recently. I haven’t even been logging into Blogger to check up on your blogs either! I feel so horrible, but I’m living life in the fast line!

Well, not really. Today’s my first day of school this week due to this fabulous phenomenon called Spring Weekend!

That translates to “Emily gets Monday off”. Now, see here, the plan was to catch up my commenting and blog a bit.
Instead, Roomie y yo ventured off to our dear friend’s house for the day, walked around a bit downtown, and watched Taken.
We also finished watching the Notebook, which we attempted to watch over Easter break. We finally got through with it! I’d never seen it (yes, shocking, I know!) and I thought it was so cute. :)

Our walk was a bit… creepy. Apparently, the citizens of Rhode Island haven’t ever seen a trio of girls walk down the street…
Well, we were in mini skirts.
And they were totally checkin’ us out.

No, just kidding! All the drivers kept staring though. :o

OH!~ I’m really sorry that I didn’t let you girls know earlier, but I was part of an online interview! It’s called “Words with a Blogger Wednesday” and it’s done by the lovely Tess over at Six Feet Under. If you’d be so lovely as to take a stroll over and check it out, here’s the link: Emily's Super Amazing Blogger Interview that Will Amaze and Entertain You with the Witty Remarks and Clever Anecdotes!
Yes, Emgurt will be provided! :D

Anyways, moving on! The weather this past weekend was amazing. I was so happy- it reminded me of that wonderful ole homeland of mine! I spent plenty of time outside, lounging, tanning…
Yesss, I’m a victim too. Only on my shoulders though.

I’m not really a fan of tanning, considering I love my paleness, but does anyone know how much crap I get from being so white? Really, it’s a bit ridiculous! Everybody has a comment to make on how Emily’s really Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Rawr! I’m not one to pay much attention to people’s opinions anyways, buuut I already get enough attention about ED and his crazy antics that sacrificing my lovely white skin for a few months is okay, as long as the remarks stop.
Stupid, right? I feel like a totally lame, “I change myself so people will like me more” girl. Ugg.

Oh well, doesn’t matter. On to the pictures!

010 coconut sorbet in a real coconut shell. :o011 012

one juicy pear with a side of trig prep.

015 say hello to yogurt parfait #2

061 greasy cheese sticks!!! :D so happy!


029 014









You didn’t think you’d get out of this post without some flower pictures, now did ya?

No new news to report on Fork Boy. He’s still there, staring/glaring away (depending on the day/time/weather/humidity/crazy male PMS cycle). I’m choosing to ignore it (well, not really) and try not to think that somehow I’ve insulted him in some way that makes me deserve these… looks. This tactic may not work, but you never know until you try, right? ;)

Now, I’m in the mood for a nice jog, so I’ll see you chicas later. Expect comments so long that they make War and Peace seem like a brochure! :)

Mucho amor! ♥ ♥


Squill said...

I was actually just about to shoot you an email to see how you were doing :D (Although I'm hardly one to talk about not blogging... shhhh)

Aaaah coconut sorbet! Luuucky! That reminds me of fresh drinking coconut water out of the shells in India.

I haven't read your interview, but hopefully I'll do that soon!

tinyirishdancer said...

Haha! Don't 'pologize for having a REAL life outside of blogging, silly.

(Although I have missed Emgurt. Teehee.)

My goodness. I read the interview - you sound so smert! Clever Emily indeedy. =]

Uh oh. Sunburns = ick. Get some aloe vera on that immediatamente. Feels sooo good.
And chica, you're beauteous just the way you are - whiteness and all. Don't change for ANYONE.

Ohmigawsh. Your photography is stunning, as per usual. Yumyummy sorbet+yoggie+CHEEZINESS and peeeerty fwowers. *happy sigh*

I'm so glad you're back in blogland, chica. Hope you have a sooperly awesome day!

Anonymous said...

Oh Em.

You know, I love blogging, but real life > blogging ANYTIME.

Really (:

That interview is beyond adorable. I bet it got you a buncha new readers <3

Yummy food, pretty flowers, BEAUTIFUL WHITE EMILY. Yes.

Love you.

Tiny Tina. said...

WOO! WHITE POWAH! I love your whiteness too, and the fact that you embrace it. =)
And girl, I could pretty much BET on the fact that yes, those drivers were checkin' you out! I know I would if I was driving and happened across a mini-skirted Em ;] (what a perverted little girl I am)
Ooh! you're famouuuuuus. XD Loved the comments you made on that interview and I'm very happy to hear that blogging has impacted on you so positively. =)
Bloddy fork-boy and his PMS! And people complain about us girls and our monthly cycles! He better tell you what his dealio is one of these days!
Thank you so much for your comment! It put a massive smile on my face. You are beautiful in so many ways that your weight is merely..your weight. Everything else speaks volumes about who you are as a person so embrace your gorgeous body and the fact that you're healing it! =) I'm so proud of you.
Lots and lots of love!