29 December, 2008


More avocados please!

A yummy avocado, feta cheese, asparagus quesadilla with a side of spicy salsa was just the thing for my craving. And a clementine Izze worked as an excellent compliment to the dish. (:

Tomorrow, I'm going to the mountains, yaaay. I'm making muffins with crystallized ginger, dried apricots, and chocolate chips for the trip. Plus,

I'm tackling my first bread project while we're up there- bagels! Might be a little challenging but I think I can handle it. I don't have a bread machine so I'll have to knead it myself... little scared there!


Kiki said...

I love Izze soda! It was the last soda I drank, I think a year ago? I should have some more. My mom knows the family that owns the company.

Those muffins sound too good! Good luck with the bagels.