24 December, 2008


Long time no see, huh? Since I'm home, I can finally make delicious things. :)

I have a serious avocado fetish and I hadn't had one since Thanksgiving break so first up was an avocado-feta cheese tortilla wrap! <3

Next was this delicious smoothie! I squeezed fresh pomegranate juice and blended it together with a cup of spinach, twelve frozen blackberries and a handful of black seedless grapes. So good that my dad actually liked it and he absolutely despises "healthy" food.

In the spirit of Christmas, I had to make a dessert today! Buuut, I, along with my parents, are spending it with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. from my mom's side... let's just say they're extremely picky. If it isn't a Snickers beside their hot dog and cheesy mac then they just won't have it! After two hours of relentless searching, I finally decided on these Fudge Balls, only substituting the maple syrup for agave nectar and leaving out the nuts. The decorative nuts/berries are a product of overbearing parents, haha.