26 December, 2008


Boy am I stuffed! My mom used the last of her homemade pizza dough today so I could create this lovely pizza (...maybe not the typical Christmas dinner)! It has spinach, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. The last pizza dough made thin crisp crust but all the toppings would fall off and burn eager fingers (uhh... mine.) This crust turned out even better this time- no toppings came tumbling. It was the perfect companion for a night marathon of House.

My grandparents' turned out to be a bust- I ended up eating four twice-baked potatoes (that my mom had made)!! Everything else was pretty icky. The fudge balls I made weren't a hit either. One of my aunts really liked them but that was it... more for me, at least! I never thought that Jiff Peanut Butter and Ghirardelli Chocolate Chips melted together wouldn't be well received. :(


Kiki said...

Thanks for the comment. Mmm pizza, that's a cool xmas dinner! Sorry the fudge balls weren't well received. From looking at the rest of your blog, it seems like you make plenty of yummy stuff though.

Burp~! said...

wow that pizza looks great! I'm totally drooling right now...good luck on your vegetarian adventure!