04 April, 2009


‘Ello girlies. Can’t promise this will be an inspirational post or anything. I don’t even think it’ll be positive, but I’m determined to pull through! By the end of this post, I will be happy!

What’s with the negative attitude already, you wonder?
I got all pretty for a fork boy today and I didn’t even see him.

Yeah, laaaaaame. Maybe this is a sign from God… if so, I’m determined to ignore it!

My hair was so pretty too. My beloved roomie straightened it and as she said, “You look like an international pop star. He’s gonna die when he sees this.”
Except he didn’t ‘cause he never did.

Oh, and, in case you couldn’t guess it, Emily has moved from ‘I’m curious about you’ to ‘I’m seriously crushing on you’. Gah.

There’s a Mardi Gras dance tonight (little late, huh?) and I’m not going. I’m not a big dancing girl or anything, I just really really don’t want to go tonight. Reasons?
1) It’s windy and cold as hell outside.
2) As much as I hate to admit it, fork boy won’t be there, so I have no reason

Instead, I’m curling up in front of the comp to watch Gilmore Girls and bemoan Rory’s loss of Logan in the final season with my handy dandy fro-yo. Oh yes, big evening for meee.

A good thing though- fork boy has totally stopped the glaring. Now, it’s just awkward staring. Let me set the scene:

Fork boy: *stare*
Me: *catches him staring; expects him to look away*
Fork boy: *stare*
Me: *panic*
Fork boy: … *stare*
Me: *runs away*


Fork boy: *staaaare*

I feel like I have something weird on my face that he keeps staring at but no, no luck there.
I do not understand boys nor do I ever wish too.
I’ll stick with trying to get through Spanish 2H without having to talk at all.


I’m a lame-o (see mention above) ‘cause I have been so self-conscious lately and haven’t been taking my phone to lunch… well, I have, I just don’t take pictures ‘cause I feel like some one’s staring me down.

Oh wait, they are.

Anyways, I do have some bar pictures. [I' am still eating brekkie, lunch & dinner, don’t fear!)


To be completely honest, I really do not like this flavor.
It’s too dry and maybe me feel too jittery.


Like everyone else, I’ve heard the rumors about clif/luna’s eviiil
chemical taste but I haven’t actually experienced it.
until now.

Another bar that I really didn’t like. It sounded so tasty but
really, it’s just blegh.


And presenting the missing element of the Emily diet:

002yooooogurt. :D
Not my favorite flavor, but  it’ll do.

Oh, and some evil demonic soul stole some of my yogurt. My special, I-got-on-public-transport-for-an-hour-and-a-half Chobani. They stole my –peach- flavor too.  Sure, I don’t like peach flavor all too much (ironic huh, me being from Georgia and all) but I just knew Chobani would renew my faith in the fleshy fruits.

Guess I’ll never know.
I seriously hate communal fridges. D:

Sharing time:

007more roomie hair skills.
”i’m zee masta of zee flatz iron-a.”
yeah, she fails at a german accent. ;)

Have a nice Saturday night. Some one go live it up for me, while I wallow in self-pity like a lame-o, tehe.

your support is always so wonderful. *hugzz*


Squill said...

Oh Goood, I know what that feels like :,D Hopefully getting dressed up and feeling pretty still made you feel better? But your night with some TV and fro-yo sounds better than being alone at a dance to me :)

Also, I wish my hair could do that. It looks gorgeous.

Baylee♥ said...

i wish i could give you advice, but i will NEVER, EVER understand the mind of a male. THANK GOD :D

Question: Even though you didnt see fork boy (LOVE IT!) today, didnt you still feel more confident in yourself? Its important to get dressed up and look gorgeous, and maybe go that extra mile FOR YOU, not some boy. But with that confidence in yourself, I guarentee that boy will notice. OBVIOUSLY, he has something out for you. its hard to determine if its good or bad, but, you definately know that he notices you (THIS IS GOOD!)

i dont blame you for not going to the dance. i always hated going to dances when it was cold out, and i usually went to dances with my friends, but i never really had very much fun. perhaps it was because i was a sucky & probably the worst grinder ever hahahaha. gilmore girls beats a dumb dance ANY day of the week.

Hang in there girl! Your hair looks FAB!

Tiny Tina. said...

Your hair is orgasmic! Tehehe. Who cares about fork boy missing it...Baylee is right, didn't it feel good to just do something nice for yourself, getting yourself all prettied up? =D
I think this fork boy has some sort of an interest in you, be it romantic or otherwise..you should say hi to him next time you see him or something..I'd love to see his reaction to your upfront confidence!
I can't believe someone stole your yogz! Find the culprit and send me their address! *rolls up sleeves*
Right now ED is screaming in my ear due to some unplanned indulgences, but I'll continue kicking that betches ass.=D
Oez..and I like Tinakles xD
Lots of loveeeeeee!

Laura: Learning to Love said...

Ah, you go to school in RI and that's where I'm from!
I didn't know we even HAD boarding schools =P

<3 Laura

Anonymous said...

I recently "discovered" your blog. Its so cool that you manage to eat so healthy while at boarding school! Im going to a boarding school next year, too, in New Jersey. Im really into healthy eating, and hope ill be able to eat well at school. Do you have any tips about dining hall eating...what to keep in my room...or anything else about life at boarding school? Im so nervous to go away next year!

ps-I don't have a blog yet...I just like reading them...

Anonymous said...

so i have decided that you should be a hair model.
seriously, I want your hair!!

haha the whole incident with the fork boy cracks me up. im sorry its so awkward though :\

love the larabar! have a great weekend!

Meg said...

Hey gorgeous! I love your hair! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog - I don't think we've met yet! So I'm glad to have found your blog...I love it! :)

Don't you just love getting all dolled up? Who needs a boy though, really? It feels great to just get all pretty and spend time doing other stuff too.

You're amazing! Hope you're having a great weekend.

Kiki said...

Haha boys are useless. It's so much more fun to do your hair (which is beautiful, btw) and watch girly TV!

Aww, I'm sorry about your yogurt! I think you should put them in a big box with a padlock on it so no one can get to the emgurt but you!

Hope stuff works out with fork-boy. I think he's actually infatuated with you and is trying to hatch a plan to ask you out :] Enjoy your Sunday, love!

Anonymous said...

LOVING your hair!
that fork-boy don't know what he's missing! he seems like an idiot to me! who can resist you?
well, at least YOu know you're GORGEOUS and that's all that matters!