16 April, 2009


So so sorry, I haven't been posting lately, girlies. I've been following all of your posts, just not commenting. (I know, lazy me!)

Thanks to Baylee for giving me that award and to Debbie for tagging me for the eight things (definitely going to do it).

Oh, and welcome back, Morgy! Sorry I didn't comment you yet! (Feel free to steal my yogurt as an apology!)

Also, hope everything's going well for, Kiki. Keep strong!

Thanks for reading my blog. I really appreciate it! ♥
I promise to post sometime this weekend/early next week.


Meg said...

Hope all is well! I look forward to reading your posts again :)

Missed ya!

Love, Meg

tinyirishdancer said...

Emmy! I've missed you! *hugs*

I won't steal your yogurt, though. I've discovered this new thing called...sharing!


So..*offers Morgert* (Like Emgert, 'cept Morgan-styleee)

Anyhow. I've just gone back and read over your adventures...Fork boy? Sounds like a shady character to me. o.O
I can't wait to hear the story's continuation. ;]

Well, I'm off ta snag some dindins. Luff ya, chica! <3<3

Anonymous said...

Sending a huge hug your wayyyyyyyyyyy <3

Tiny Tina. said...

YAYZ. Cannot wait! Miss you baybay! xoxox