31 March, 2009


Let’s have some cake before I dish out some  stories from the life of Em.

001look at me, I’m delicious fattening frosting. :)

Okay, so remember el chico that I was talking about in my last post?

Uhh, he hates me… a lot.

Before you go, “What!? No, you are crazy!”, lemme explain. Today, at lunch, two of my best lunch buddies and I were sitting down at the ‘peanut-free’ table… not sure why that needed to be included but anways! Our cafeteria has these weird round tables and –sometimes- the chairs between tables make it hard to walk through. Usually, nice people are like, “Excuse me, could you scoot in a little? Thanks so much!” It’s a really simple process and, really, how hard can it be to say excuse me?

Apparently too hard, ‘cause el chico just slams into the back on my chair WITHOUT saying anything. Needless to say, I was pissed. Normally, I wouldn’t really care, but it just so happens that there was an innocent looking little fork on the table that my hand just so happened to smash into when he pushed my chair.

It hurt quite a bit and it bled.
Just a little, but still.

I was bleeding.
And angry.
And hurt.
And a lot of other things.
But mostly, pissed.

One of my friends just looked at me and was like, “Uh oh… what are you going to do?” I didn’t even answer- I was so mad. I was bleeding for God’s sake and he doesn’t even say “Excuse me” or “Sorry”!

Short break between stories:


chai tea latte with a carrot cake clif bar.
my favorite snack combo, besides emgurt.


So, later today, as I was coming out of the Chemistry building, I saw him again, walking towards his dorm. To get to my dorm, I had to cross his path. Equipped with my newly bandaged hand, I was just going to play it cool and be normal.

That was until he glared at me, when he walked by.
Not just “glare”, but I mean glaaaare.
Like death-glare.

He literally walked by me, glaring, and then turned around to look at me, still glaring. Glare. glare. glare.
And no, I wasn’t mistaken. An upperclassman that was walking behind me was like, “Oh, that’s awkward... he must be really angry with her.”

I’m not really one of those people that gets freaked out by this. But on top of the fork-chair thing? I was in the “You have got to be kidding me” / “You are walking on thin ice” mood.
I mean glaring… come on! I don’t even talk to him. He was no reason to glare at me, let alone be angry with me.

Last year, I did talk to him, but this year, I just don’t because 1) we don’t have many classes together, and 2)  I’m lazy and shy... mostly shy.

I honestly have no clue what I did to him… I mean, was I the one that gave someone a fork injury ‘cause I can’t manage to say excuse me when I try to get by? That’s a negative!

Anyways, here’s some trail mix for the road:


imagine you’re eating this as you enjoy your blog reading.:)

I’ll be commenting tomorrow, girlies, I promise. I’m a tad busy lately (see those lame food pictures?) with school right now, so I’ll do the best I can. I love you guys bunches. ♥ You all leave such wonderful comments that I'm always overjoyed to read! I hope I can do you all justice and leave comments of the same quality. :)

Thanks for always listening to my ranting. (I seem to be doing that a lot lately!) If I had some Emgurt, I’d totally share but I’ve been lacking in that department lately. :( Oh well, imaginary Emgurt for everyone.


Anonymous said...

Hi hun!

Ugh. Boys are SO confusing! I wish I could figure it out - but after many many years, I've just about given up. Like, tell me, WHAT DO YOU WANT from us!?!?

Whatevs, girl. I can see from your picture that you are a lil' stud muffin (: So it's totes HIS loss!

That cake looks too delicious for words. Now I won't some cake.

But we don't have any.

I think I'll settle for a blondie (:


Baylee♥ said...

BOYS, BOYS, BOYS. you cant live with em, cant live without em. i thought girls were confusing - but hell no. girls actually know what they want out of life - they may change clothes 12,000 times a day in the process of getting there - but they know what they want. maybe he likes you, but he's shy?

or maybe (DONT FREAK OUT, PLEASE, BUT I ALWAYS WORRY ABOUT THIS!) he knows about your blog and read it? i always worry that there's going to be someone from my school who also blogs and reads my blog and knows who i am but i dont know anything about them. haha. i doubt thats the case though.

that cake looks effing amazing.
have a good day girl, hope your hand is feeling better!!

Squill said...

Wow... what a jerk o_O

At least you have delicious eats, though, right? ;) Hope everything not-boy-related is well in Emworld!

Tiny Tina. said...

OHYUM. What type of cakeh is that?! *licks screen eagerly*
That guy..seems to have a pole stuck up his butt. That, or he's been going through some serious PMS. But yet this situation intrigues me..why could he possibly have a problem with someone like Emilypie?! (yes...pie o_O) I look forward to hopefully finding out what the hale is up with this character!

Anonymous said...

What? WHAT?! that boy is a lunatic! how there he make you bleed, and then GLARE at you? I'd stick a fork into him for you!
but I've concluded that it must be avid jealousy: he's freakin jealous of your delicious eats. Chai tea latte? cupcake with frosting? yummy crunchy trail mix? no wonder he's sore!