02 June, 2009

blast from the past.

Day one back at the cooking casa and I have a multitude of foods waiting to be cooked up. New fruits and veggies in season and ready to be eaten by me, all sorts recipes for me to try, even a grill all fired up… maybe not that far!

With all these choices, whatever could I choose?

333 Spanakopita! :D

When a food has served you so well in the past, you can’t just abandon it. Plus, it’s so delicious I had dreams about it the first time I made it. Which brought me to this startling conclusion:

Spinach = life.

And another amazing addiction? (ahaha, alliteration!) Fresh veggies from mi jardin! Yummy Italian slop jar with zucchini, tomatoes, and Vidalia onions. :D


Oh, and remember TangySweet I was talking about in yesterday’s post?

210 bam! pomegranate fro-yo with fresh blueberries.211 so friggin’ delicious that I’m craving some now.

And what would any vacation be without…







Alright, alright, I think my flower-photographing obsession is getting crazy. What on earth am I going to do about it? I should probably seek therapy but… never! I’m going to be a crazy flower portrait maker for my entire life!

Oh, and meet my new best friend:282 this is georgy jr, resident of the back field at mount vernon.
isn’t he just the cutest, with his wittle horns?

Oh, and do any of you lovely ladies (and gents, if you're out there) have any recipes you'd like to share? Tomorrow, I've got the whole house to myself so I'm getting ready for a cook-a-thon! Peaches, summer squash and mustard greens are piling up in the fridge, so maybe ones up that alley? Hit me with anything. :D

Have a nice night/morning! ♥


tinyirishdancer said...

Oh Emily. I adore reading your posties - they're so bright and colorful!

Psh. Flower-photographing-obsession therapy? Who needs that?
I quite enjoy them perty pitchahs. =]

Though the cowie and bumblybee...so cute!

Hmm. A summery cookin' bonanza just WOULDN'T be complete without peach cobbler!
I unfortunately don't have a recipe, but I'm sure you could hunt down one (Google ftw!) no prob. =D

Anyhow. It's bedtime for moi. Hope you have oodlez of fun tomorrow! (Wish I could be there, but the 1203948204698246 hour plane ride is a weeee bit of a problem...)

gaby said...

yogurt looks goooooooodddd..
and the picts..!! u're a pro or what?? they're great..
sharing recipes? ughh, i wish i have one.. can't cook :(

Anonymous said...


Ahh Ems I'm so glad you're posting regularly again (oops. Did I just jinx it?)! Love you chica! <3

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh Em, I've missed you! I'm so glad you're home for the summer. Oh, and on my way to Florida this summer, I'll probably stop in the Atlanta airport for like an hour. Just think, I'll just be a couple hours (minutes?) away from you :]

Yum yum yum, fro yo! Looks delish, but I'm sure it wasn't as much (haha I wrote munching) fun buying it as it is stealing it out of Morgan's freezer!!

Pretty flower peektures. And I love the cow! Hmmm tomorrow, you should make a peach crumble! Or a big ensalada with grilled squash. Om nom. Love you!

Squill said...

Your vacation looks like it was so lovely! :D

Mmm, summer produce. Summer is undoubtedly my favorite season of the year, produce-wise. My favorite is grilled peaches with a splash of balsamic vinegar.