12 June, 2009

there must be mushrooms in my head.

After seeing Morgan’s yummy tortellini, I was inspired to create my own. Grabbing the past due wonton wrappers (June 8, oh no!), here’s my ode to the delicious mushroom….

‘Shroom Wontons
1 package of button mushrooms
1/3 cup of queso fresco (mexican food store, tasty!)
12 – 16 wonton wrappers

1) Steam mushrooms and drain. Cut them up into as small as you’d like pieces.
2) Mix mushrooms with crumbled queso fresco.
3) Spoon a bit of the mixture into the center of the wrapper and fold however you’d like. (mine are sorta, kinda like a wonton)
4) Steam or boil until wrappers are transparent.
5) Enjoy! :)

Lately, I’ve been a little behind in the land of food pictures, but don’t despair! I have plenty food porn for your viewing pleasure.

005 spinach & cheese quesadilla.

001 blueberry yogurt smoothie.

004 zucchini slop jar with greek seasoning.

002 buffalo burgers with onion rings and steamed spinach.

These past three days, I’ve been busy cleaning out the family kitchen. I started out with the spice cabinet and ended with the closet cabinet. Wow. It. was. fun. It really helped me space out and just chill.

However, I made a startling discovery.

003 we have much jello.
it’s taken over.

We have a total of 10 jello boxes. It’s scary. Who knew that one place could have so much jello, except a grocery store?!

Note to self: trash the jello.


Anonymous said...

Yumm looks delish!

Ew! I hate jello! Haha! It's so...wiggly!

fritz said...

it's amazing how you can make all this food and still take care of me, haha. :)

thank you, em. it really meant a lot to me.

Okie said...

Yummerz. :D Eat the Jell-o! You can make amazing layered cakes and desserts with it, or just plop in a whole bunch of berries and make it a summery berry pudding thing. :)
Wontons are my life, haha! Chicken and onion are my fave. You are such a great little cook! I'm in awe. *_*

tinyirishdancer said...

Teehee! I'm so glad I inspired you with mah pasta. Love your tribute! It's like a fusion of Asian+Mexican+Emily cusine in one dish. Impressive. =D

Hmm. Nummy food porns, as per usual. Oh, and DON'T TRASH THE JELLO! I will take it!
I luffz teh jellooooo. =]

Alrighty. I hope you have a fabulous evening! Take care, m'dear. <3<3

Stacey said...

I need to make the "'shroom wontons" sometime! they look so good. and cute!
Love all of the other eats too. yumm quesadillas.

We have excess jello too! I saw 4 or 5 boxes in our cupboard that have been there for a LONG time. I wouldn't be surprised if some of them expired 5 years ago :X I'll probably throw them out, I'm not a fan of jello anyway.

Anonymous said...

The shroom wontons look fabulous! I used to always hate mushrooms, but now that I've given them a chance I love them.

EWWW JELLO! Trash trash trash! Enjoy your Sunday, love!

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