01 June, 2009

gardening 101.

I’m home, I’m home, I’m home!

-excited jumps and squeals-

Oh, I think I might be a little excited to be back in the lands of Georgia. The ‘rents and I rolled in around 3 o’clock this afternoon from our cross-Atlantic coast road trip.

DSC00930 the little mommy monsta’ and me in dc!

If you’re ever in DC, hit up TangySweet, the best fro-yo place on the East Coast. The pomegranate is so delicious- ya’ll think you’re eating a real pomegranate. (Of course, I have pictures- expect them later!)

We were met with 95 degrees of humid, sunny weather.
Sweet Jesus! I was not ready for that.
Especially considering that Rhode Island’s been coasting along with a windy, dreary 50-60 degree climate these past few weeks.

But, hey, I’ve gotta suck it up ‘cause this was waiting for me:

DSC00976 time to getta pickin’

The tomatoes were hit with some sort of disease so they’re dying and the deer ate up the itty bitty cantaloupes and peppers my daddy had just put in the ground. :( He treated those peppers like they were his little children. Mean ole' deer!

These little critters are always welcome though:DSC00899’cuse the messy pool- the ‘rents, I guess, forgot I was coming home and might want to go swimming.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting more and finishing all the commenting I got behind on. I’m so happy to be back in the kitchen that I don’t even know what to make first.

Glad to be back:)
lots of love ♥


Anonymous said...

Glad you're back home dahling <3

tinyirishdancer said...

Emily! I missed you, m'love!

Ahh. I wish I didn't live in a poopy townhouse. We have no yard to muck around in. =[

But yours looks so perty! And I adore hummingbirds, too. They're so spunky and cuhyoot. =D

Anyhow. I look forward to reading more of your posties...and EMGURT. YES.

Teehee. Luff ya tonz! <3<3

Nancy said...

Hi Emily! It's so nice to meet you! :)

I'm glad you had alot of fun on your cross Atlantic road trip. I've only been to USA once and that was to New York.

Aww thank you! I would love some Clif bars, but I live in Canada. I hope that's okay.

Have a great day! ^___^

Stacey said...

Yaaaaay you're back! Thanks for your comment, dear.

95 degrees?! I'm the girl who wears long-sleeved shirts in 75 degree weather but 95 is just TOO HOT, even for me.

Every time we plant a garden the squirrels always raid it! It's so frustrating. We get maybe 10 things from the garden out of the bajillion we planted. We used to have a pear tree and they ate those too. Arghh!

Squill said...

You changed your blog layout! Love it :)

Sorry about your garden :( A lot of our plants got hit with some disease last year, too... our first ever eggplant plant died! Hope you manage to salvage some plants, though!

Yum, that fro-yo place sounds delicious... there are a bunch of delicious eateries in DC that I need to check out. Hmph! I will keep that one in mind!

Glad to see you back! <3

gaby said...

glad to see u back home :)
cant wait to see more of your postings

desideratum said...

you always post beautiful photos! haha (: