04 June, 2009

vamos a la playa…

…a mi me gusta bailar!

That was such a popular song in the dorm last year, buuuut
I am so ready to hit the beach and soak up some sun with a tropical smoothie!

Although the idea of an itty bitty bikini does not appeal to me at the present moment…. actually, it kind of scares me. The bikini seems like it would destroy all the progress I’ve made. It sounds crazy, but donning that scanty little thing seems like it’s inviting ED to make a comment and I just won’t let that happen. I’ve spent a lot of time and effort trying to make ED go away. I know you girls have done the same and I really admire that. I think part of the reason I haven’t strayed as much from the recovery path is because all of you have been out there, posting really positive and successful things and giving me advice when I need it. Thanks so much! ♥

On the topic of fashion, I spent a little time planning my fantasy (read waaay too expensive for me to afford) summer wadrobe. There are a few things I would looove to have and I am definitely going to be visiting Plato’s Closet this weekend to see if maybe somebody got tired of them really early in the season. ;)

dos  156447_cog_w 


*movie trailer voice* I now challenge you to showcase your own fantasy wardrobe. Will you accept this mission?

Pictures or not, post or comment, create something summery and completely you!

It’s so much fun! Great to relieve any stress or unwanted thoughts. :)

Have a nice night/morning!

♥ mucho amor!

OH! Almost forgot, check out a lovely giveaway over at Krista’s Kravings! I’ve always wanted to try Full Bars- there are a lot of flavors that seem so delectable. Hurry up though because it ends on Sunday.


tinyirishdancer said...

YES! I remember that song! Our profesora played it many a time for us last year. So.catchy. =D

Daaw. And I love your wardrobe - summer dresses! <3! Although bikinis...I could do without. Ick.

They make me feel nekkid. =/

Anywho. I ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE. *dons shopping gear*

In fact, I'm off to go shopping tomorrah. What a lovely coincidink, no? Teehee.

Well, I'm off to get some shut-eye. Sweet dreams, chica!

Tiny Tina. said...

I ADORE your dream summer wardrobe!
Mine would comprise of a flowy minidress, sandals just like yours in brown, black and white, a high waisted skirt in pink, purple, black, blue, and white, and blargh. But alas, that cannot happen as I would freeze my ass off here, since it's well and truly Winter. >=|
Have a great night my love!

Anonymous said...

Love love love your style girly! I may have to come up with my own fantasy wardrobe as well ;)

Anonymous said...

Emmmssss. Mi me gusta bailar tambien! But I've never heard that song haha.

I love love love your summer style! Those sandals are so fit. When I stop having to steal my sister's laptop (my computer got taken over by a virus :[) perhaps I'll come up with my own fantasy wardrobe.

Squill said...

:DDD La playa! Don't forget sunscreen! ;)

My dream wardrobe? It's full of suspenders and vests and boots! I think a polyvore post is in order.

But I still need to find a bathing suit... I don't have one that fits!

Anonymous said...

I LOOOVE your summer dream wardrobe! man...I think you would love Korea...they have these similar styles, and they are SO pretty. My dream summer style is anything from Korea. really, it's that beautiful.

Stacey said...

I love everything all of your summer clothing! beautiful. My ideal summer wardrobe is lots of sundresses and gladiator sandals!