10 June, 2009

you’re like my favorite underwear.

As much as I’d love to take credit for that title up there, I can’t. That wonderful phrase is courtesy of Liz Phair and her song “Favorite”.

The song is the inspiration for my post tonight, full of my favorite things! Following my post from the other day about my favorite summer fashion, I wanted to share some of my –other- favorite things, besides clothes and, of course, emgurt!

my favorite shoes (that I own):010 the hobbit shoes.

I felt the need to put “that I own” after that because if I could have any shoes in the world, it’d definitely be the sandals I wrote about in my last post. Buttt! On to the shoes I’ve got….
It’s true, when I where these, people call me tinker bell, but that’s no reason why I can’t love them. They’re so comfy! Best thing about them? I’m allowed to wear them during the school day, according to the school’s dress code! :) I really want to find some cheap black ones and put pyramid studs on them or get a pair of white ones and sharpie the bad boys!

my favorite drink:

izzeIZZE! the best fruity flavor there is! (besides fruit, of course!)

ED never liked the idea of drinking calories- it was a “waste”- so soda and juices were out of the question. IZZE beats down that stupid ED idea and is really wonderful. I love their Blueberry and Pear flavors. Too bad they’re so hard to find around here.

my favorite band:FamilyForce5-06-bigfamily force 5

No matter what anybody says, I love these guys. Their music just makes me want to dance. Doesn’t hurt that they’re from Georgia either. ;)

my favorite flower:171the daffodil

Ya’ll might have noticed, but I have a tiny, really small, minute love of flowers. Out of all that I’ve seen or heard of (or taken pictures of), the daffodil is, by far, my favorite.

my favorite clothing brand:header_bg2009may free people, the headquarters of boho, free spirited style.

One day, after I’ve made billions from the mass marketing of emgurt creations, I will be able to afford the gorgeous dresses that Free People sells. Until then, I’ll be searching the racks of Plato’s Closet for one.

and of course (this is a food blog, after all!)
my favorite food!hn-pinkberry-yogurt


What’s more delicious than plain ole yogurt? Greek yogurt.
What’s more delicious than Greek yogurt? Fro-yo! :D
All yogurt is delicious, the creamier and thicker, the better! Drizzle some honey on or top it off with some blackberries- the possibilities are endless. It doesn’t end with the toppings, there are so many different flavors of yogurt that  to try them all in one lifetime is impossible. (Won’t stop me from trying!)

Alright, I’m off to watch The Clique, which, by the way, was filmed at my school! :)

I’ll get to commentin’ tomorrow morning.
Night girlies! ♥


Anonymous said...

Aww I loved learning more about you Ems!

<3 Love you!

tinyirishdancer said...

Oh, Emily.
You're MY favorite. =]

Those shoes are TOO cute. I wish I had some...
Except hobbits don't wear shoes, silly. ;]

(Btw - white sharpied shoes FTW! *highfive*)

Mhm. And those sodas look yum! So colorful, too.
(Psh. I don't get sucked in by cute labels. No sir. =D)

Teehee. You and your yoggie. I'm totally jumping on that bandwagon!

Alrighty. I should get some shut-eye. Hope you have a wunnerful evening, m'dear! Luffs!

Mirage said...

It’s true,when you where these, people call you tinker bell.They’re so comfy! Best thing about them? you allowed to wear them during the school day, according to the school’s dress code.

Okie said...

Hey girl! I love this post and learning more about what you like! :) I'm totally with you on the yogurt thing: the thicker, the better! That's the way it goes.
Have a great day, lovely!

Anonymous said...

Loved learning more about you than what you like to eat, Em!

Those shoes are adorable. Every time I pass them in the mall I cling to my mom's arm and go "Pleeeeeeeasssseeee?" but she always says no :[

I missed seeing that emgurt! Love you lots, enjoy your evening