19 March, 2009


Hola, chicas. :D Hope everyone’s having a wonderful day! Today’s weather was bright and sunny, so the padre and I went on a little trip. You can count on some pictures later on!



homemade yogurt with pecan granola, honey, and dates.
…wow, it was too good to be true.


I really love my morning yogurt. It’s one of the things I love most about being home- I can go to the grocery store, pick up any flavor on the shelf and spice it up with all sorts of delicious goodies. I’ve come to love my morning routine- wake up, stumble into the kitchen, fumble for the daily yogurt and spoon it into a bowl.

Since school starts back on Wednesday, I’m starting to panic. I’ve just gotten into a nice pattern that isn’t destructive. I may eat the same basic thing, but I change up some of the components so it’s different, but the same. (Okay, I’m crazy, I’ll admit that.) Once I get back, how am I going to keep it the same? I hardly ever eat breakfast when I’m there so ahhh!

Getting to the point here- does anyone know of a online supplier that sends yogurt in the mail? Specifically, I’m looking for Chobani shippers. If anyone has any ideas, please send them my way! I'd so appreciate it. ♥



roasted asparagus, chopped up bok choy and toasted nori

healthy dessert? broiled pineapple x3.
made with only a sprinkle of sugar and a tiny pat of butter.


I ate half of the pineapple this way and it was so delicious. I’d never used the broiler before so I got scared half to death! The pan I used got warped too. (And it was my sweet potato fry pan to top it off!) Call me a chicken, but I don’t think I’ll try this again, even though it was the most delicious way I know to eat las pinas!

Algunas flores para todos ustedes:007

the first azaleas!
I was sad that I might not get to see any before I traveled
back to school, but I got lucky. :)


Now, for the mysterious trip! As mentioned above, it was really nice outside which, in my family, calls for a (mini) road trip! Papa and I drove down to the breathtaking shoals. These pictures really don’t do them justice. Seriously, if any of you happen to be lost in the back roads of Georgia sometime in the future, hope that you run across this.


it kinda made me want to go swimming!
…even though I don’t like swimming.


And the madre welcomed us home with some homemade spaghetti sauce and piccolini farfalle. Mmm, so delicious. I wish my mom would share the top secret recipe.


I had another serving after this. The sauce was so yummy that I would eat it as a soup.

Did anyone catch Jay Leno last night with Reese Witherspoon? If you didn’t, YouTube it! I’m such a fan of hers. How many other confident, sophisticated, and talented women are there in Hollywood? She made me cry from laughter- it was that funny.

Alrightie, I’m turning in. Hope everyone has a nice night. :)


Squill said...

Wow, your walk looks so beautiful. My dad and I go on long walks through a nearby park all the time, but haven't been in a while because neither of us tolerate the cold very well!

Good luck with going back to school. I know you can do it! I have no idea where you might find the yogurt... but perhaps you could use this as an opportunity to experiment with different breakfast foods? :/

And thanks for the awards! :) They made me smile yesterday. I'll probably post tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hey girly (:

I totes know what you mean about eating the same thing but diff! Whatevs. We get the best of both worlds that way - we eat what we like but we get to have fun switching the toppings around!

Try not to stress too much about going back to school though!

Your eats look quite yummykins if I do say so myself...mm, I've never actually had a date? I'm intrigued.

Glad you had fun on your "road trip"!

And I luff Reese Witherspoon too!

Have a good night you crazy girl <3

tinyirishdancer said...

Emmy! I missed you, m'love, and your yogurt-y posts!
It's just that no one else appreciates it quite as much as we do.

Dates in yogurt?

This is why I'm sure you did splendifferous on the SAT's. You're simply a genius. ;]

Hmm. I'm so proud of you for reforming destructive habits Brekkie, after all, = most importante meal del dia!
(Uhm. Spanglish fail.)

Wish I could help you with the yogurt shippin', but I've never had to do that before. I wish you the bestest of luck, though!

Ooh. Pineapple.
...y'know what I bet that would be good with?


*nod* =D

And no worries. I scurred of broilers too.

Gawsh. Your photography is beautiful. I want to hop into every picture. (Next time, can I come with? =])

Heehee. Yup, your parents inspired my yogurt escapade! Honestly, they are simply awesome all-around.

..Mini-road-trips? Homemade pasta?

I love Mum, don't get me wrong, but I want to borrow them. Just for a little while.

Gaah. I am still drooling over your last postie! Yogurt+Spinach pie (LOVE)+quesadilla...oh boy.
And Greek food! Oh, Greek food. How do I love thee?

Yeeps. I need to go to bed. Badly.
(Delirium setting in. o.O)
But I musht firstly say that SI. BOOBIE PARTAY IS ON.
And thank youz for teh award! I'm a dumbnut, and forgot to put it in tonight's post, but it'll be in the next.

Night, chica! Luff ya oodlez!! <3<3

Kiki said...

I love seeing your yogurt combos! I don't know of any in-mail yogurt supplier, but I hope you find one because I'll miss seeing your creations!

Can I live with you? Please? Your hippie parents sound amazing, with those nature walks and homemade pasta and hippiness. I'll send you some chobani if you let me!

Happy Friday! Much love

Stacey said...

Dates in yogurt? I can't believe I've never tried it! Sounds yummay.

Make sure to eat breakfast at school! After all it is the most important meal. I seriously can't function right if I haven't had breakfast. Keep up the great eating habits!

Your lunchie sounds so good too. So exotic compared to mine which are pretty much always the same.

ohgosh, azaleas are one of my favorite flowers! thanks for the piccies, they are so beautiful!

Burp and Slurp~! said...

beautiful pics!I would love to take a nature walk as well and breathe in all that beautiful scenery...
I see you're really liking those dates! they look fabulous in your yogurt.
hmm...would like to help you on the yogurt supplier, but don't know nothing about it myself...let me know if you get any info!