07 March, 2009


I give in rather easily.
Under the certain circumstances, it's normally not a big deal, but when I get stressed, I just give in. And by "give in" I think you know what I mean. D: Rawr.

Thank God that I'm home now. And, as my welcome home gift, my dad made YOGURT. :D

Yesterday's breakfast:

plain greek-style yogurt with kashi
black currant cereal, honey and mashed banana.

hello deliciousness.
and my first cup back home:
pomegranate green tea in my "georgia" tea cup.

And, my camera's all fixed up so the pictures are much clearer. That means I finally get to return to flowery picture collection:

the very last of the pear blossoms & daffodils.

Brunch today was my dad's own special creation: carrot-split pea soup. It's delicious! The carrots taste almost like sweet potatoes (my neeew obsession) and the peas have no pea-y taste.


and homemade bread with brie spread on.

I believe my parents are really hippies. My mom's gone to making bread (never buys any from the store!) and listens to Celtic tunes along with the Beatles. My dad's growing sprouts and making homemade yogurt. *looks up hippie in the dictionary and sees their picture* I should have known.

Meet another member of our family:

El Tigreee
He's the last surviving kitty of the household. :(

All the others have gone on into the great
kitty scratching post in the sky.

he's a bit of a loner though.
likes to kick it by himself.

The momma and I had a fun girl's day out and went shopping. What better shopping is there than the grocery kind? :) I found Snap Pea Chips. Weirdest idea ever but they are SO yummy. And another tasty junk food:

the madre and I hit up the chinese buffet.

one of two plates of chinese-y goodness.
so many types of delicious sushi and seafood.

Food wasn't the only goodie found today. Introducing my new cupcake bowl:

more homemade yogurt with a warm
white chocolate macadamia clif bar.

oh my goodness, best flavor ever.
I almost died.

Right now, I'm having a little late night TV time: 102 Dalmatians. Los perritos son muy monos.

Oh, and I thought I'd share a few of my other purchases of the day:

a $3.50 blue linen dress.

a $6 hot pink luella skirt.

a $15 purple free people dress.
(the color is much different- more purple-y)

Anyone ever heard of Plato's Closet? It has the best deals! I'm a huge Free People (and Juicy Couture) fan so I'm in a fantastic mood! (much better than last week's icky slump.)

Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday night. ♥


Baylee♥ said...

Question! Did you write to popchips asking for samples? I see that everyone and their dog has been getting popchips samples & i would like to jump on the bandwagon =]

Baylee♥ said...

OKAY. i am an idiot. totally thought this blog was another blog that i was commenting on. so please excuse the comment above :)

your eats look FANTASTICC. i looove your food-pornage :) and sooo wayyy jealous of your finds at platos! i feel lucky if i find something semi-decent from hollister in there. lol.

Kiki said...

Yay, welcome home! I can't wait to see all the yummy things you come up with now that you can cook! Your parents sound too cool! Want to trade?

Everything (EVERYTHING!) looks fabulous. Love the cupcake bowl! Enjoy your Sunday!

tinyirishdancer said...

ED can be a such sneaky little poopski. But I'm so glad you're home (with your yogurt! MY GOD your brekkie looks AMAZING.) and doing bettah. =]

Yay for flowah photog! Those pitchurs are positively gorgeous.

And wow, your parents sounds pretty dern awesome. Homemade bread and yogurt? And Beatles music?
You lucky duck. =P
(How does one make homemade yogurt, btw? *curious*)

Gawsh. Your kitteh is adorable. I just want to kiss his likkle nosie.
Although I'm sure he wouldn't like that too much.



I'm hurt, Em. I really am.

BUT. I'll forgive you if you share summadat yogurt with meee. =D
(Cute clothes, btw, and such great deals!)

Gawsh. I missed your loverly comments, chica! Even if you DO keep trying to steal my yoggie and ice cream. -_-

Much <3's!! And yes, walnuts ARE very sexy. ;]

Burp and Slurp~! said...

I LOVE all your delicious eats! and that glistening honey over your morning cereal...and that chunky soup and HOMEMADE bread...yum yum yum! can I live in your kitchen pretty please?
and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! loving that cupcake bowl!! soo freaking awesome!

Squill said...

I am so jealous of your family! (Not that my own isn't awesome, haha, but I would love a dad who makes his own yogurt ;) My mom has always made our bread, too, although sometimes we like to try breads from the bakery for fun.

Delicious eats! And gorgeous, gorgeous photos-- there's nothing that can lift one's spirit like a bouquet of fresh flowers :)

Stacey said...

I envy your cupcake bowl! it is so adorable.

I've heard of Plato's Closet but I've never been there. A Luella skirt for $6! I'm going to have to check it out now ;)

Nutritious is Delicious said...

Love the blog and all of your fabulous eats! Bargain shopping......its the BEST! :D