22 March, 2009


Hola chicas! Having a super fantastic amazing day? To begin with, it’s the weekend so that makes it great. And the fact that I’m a tad hyper and very excited also makes today pretty special. You’ll never guess why I’m so happy!

I won’t give you a chance to guess anyways.,. Drum roll, please! *imagines one*

I have a great big secret that

will be revealed in my


*title wise, not actual post count (‘cause I don’t count my “bio” post as a reeeal post)

Well, it’s kinda a secret, but not really… hmm, that’s a bit confusing, so here’s a clue: It’s a story. That’s the only clue you get too. (It’s a surprise secret story, a’course!) And if you can guess BEFORE I tell the story, you can have some vitrual Emgurt, which I what I’m calling my yogurt creations from now on… or until I can come up a more creative name.

Now, onto today! Not many eatsies to share, but flowers and lots of them. So many, in fact, that if you’re using an older model computer, you should exit this window immediately ‘cause it might explode. Yeah, there’s that many.

the backyard series:





omg, pollen covered toes. allergies beware!

the downtown series:




^ my favorite. (I really like the lighting.)











Alright, it’s safe to open your eyes. The floweriness is over.


Gotcha! I had to throw in one more. You guys were simply too gullible. But, hey, put it this way! You got to see a cute little booger ‘s butt. ;)

Anyways, “the downtown series” (fancy name, huh?) was only part of today’s trip. The madre and I went shopping! It’s my last weekend home so we got anything left on my list… and some things that weren’t.

Tsk, tsk, all that will come later so hold your horses.

Now, back to the story (no, not the secret surprise story!). Well, the madre wanted to go look at fabrics ‘cause she likes to quilt and sew (hello, clue #12,854 that the padres are hippies!). As she was perusing the fabrics, I took a walk down the street and came across a wee little Presbyterian church that had monster-sized gardens that were in full bloom.

Cue the camera.

After he (aka Mr. Camera) died, I had nothing to do but hit up one of my favorite clothing stores: Plato’s Closet. Excited for the finds? Well, have at it:

145american eagle patchwork spaghetti strap dress - $6

144free people sundress - $15

143 inc denim skirt - $8

In case ya’ll haven’t noticed, I love me some Free People. If only it wasn’t so expensive! The dresses I see in the catalog are usually $100+ so there’s no way I could ever have any of their clothes without Plato's Closet. I think this calls for an ode:

Plato’s Closet, how magnificent art thou!
With the clothes that are stuffed in your drawer, (<- say like “draaowww… or something.)
I am content to be thought of as such a pow!

Mmm, needs a little work, I think. No matter! Words could never sum up my love for PC.
Yes, I’ve given the store a nickname.

But, believe it or not, there’s something I actually found today (at Goodwill no less!) that trumps any find I have or will ever make:

142flat ankle booties from the 30’s - $9

This adorable little old lady dropped them off right as I walked in and, when I picked them up, she tapped me on the shoulder and insisted on telling me their story. She wore them only once in 1938, on the way to the grocery store. She told me to take very good care of them, just like she had. *swoon* I love cute, little things. :)

Okay, okay! Here’s the food. Geeez.


pollo con las papas y… umm… Brussels sprout-os!


I did say that I had *very little* food to share today. Breakfast was bacon (:O!) and scrambled eggs. Lunch was a cheese burrito with Mexican rice+salsa (Senor Camara was resting in peace at this time).

Wait, you say, where’s that Emgurt?
Maybe you didn’t say that, but I’ll just pretend you did.


Per Morgy’s suggestion, pineapples + fro-yo. I topped it off with some “Save the Forest” granola and honey. And I’ll be sharing tonight, so eat up:


I'm going on a little day trip tomorrow so I'll comment on your blogs tomorrow night.
Special comments to complement the special post. :D

I’m falling out of my happy day/caffeine-induced hyperactivity so I’m heading to mi cama.

Wow! 1:40 in the morning?! :o

Oh, sorry, must stay focused. Sooo…... night! ♥


Tiny Tina. said...

I'm SO excited to read about your story! Really, I sit here with my knuckles gripped to the keyboard, my eyes rife with sheer suspense and anticipation! =P
Yes?! No? No. I didn't think so. =|
I cannot believe you picked up those fabulous buys for under $50! I'm lovin those booties! You have amazing style girllll. =D
Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and thank you so much for your comment!
Love love LOVE

Kiki said...

I'm so excited to hear the special story! Let me guess... something to do with a boy? With a cool adventure hippie parents took you on? Wait, is it your birthday??

You take beautiful photography, my dear. I wish flowers were in bloom here :[ And you have amazing style! I love both of those sundresses, so spring-ish. And I also love the shirt you're wearing in the last pic, plaid shirts are my favorite things ever!

Great froyo combo! I am really craving a hunk of pineapple now.

Enjoy your day! Much love

Kiki said...

P.S. I forgot to post the award you gave me in my last post. I will tonight though, no worries.

Squill said...

Geez, you live in a pretty area! Lucky :P

Hehe, I love the silliness of this post :0) Have fun tomorrow/today, whatever it is you're doing!

Okie said...

Okie dokes, I'm going to guess what the story is about! Are you going on a trip? Hmm, I'm a boring guesser.
Anyways! I sent you a message on CC (sorry it took so long! I'm sure we both don't go on there much-yay!). Also, what kind of camera do you use? Because those pictures were absolutely gorgeous! You have some real talent there, girlie. :) You can capture the day in frames.
Okay, and call me crazy, but I've never been thrifting—and now I really want to! A Free People sundress for $15?! It doesn't get much better than that! I love Free People and Anthropologie as well. :)
This was a long, rambly comment—sorry!

Baylee♥ said...

hurry up and post number fourty :) ahh im jealous of all the flowers blooming there. there's nothing coming up here yet..and even if there was, i neeed to take pictures of things with my boring black and white manual camera for my photography class or i will severely fail that class haha.

love you girll

Anonymous said...

Ooo I can't wait to hear (read?) your secret!

Boooootiful flowers (:

And shopping! Great stuff you got (:

Hehe you're so cute!