12 March, 2009


Thursday has no become SUCCESSDAY! :D
It kinda started out bad. I woke up around 8:30 and, since I was alone, I didn't eat until 12:30.
I got a little nervous for the SAT's on Saturday, thinking that I would fail horribly and I wouldn't be able to go to college, etc. So, instead of eating (that would have fueled me up for some studying), I opened my SAT book and stared for a full hour at the first page of the math review.
I couldn't focus.
Finally, I woke up from that silly stupor, took a shower, and organized my closet.
The sanity fairy tapped me on the shoulder, gently reminding me that my tummy was rumbling.

the "pretend it was" breakfast:

the ~new~ batch of homemade yogurt,
this time made with CHOBANI cultures. *gasp*
SO good. really, no lie.

with honey, vanilla + strawberries.

But, mi padre saved the day and took me to eat Mexican.

*eerie silence*

And I did it. *imagines snaps/claps from every reader* ;)
super duper lunch:

spinach enchiladas with melty cheese + salsa
and mexican rice with tomatoes.

hello. allow me to introduce myself- I am
greasy, oily spinach wrapped in cheese-covered
flour tortilla. pretend that I sound appetizing, please,
because I was! I was yummy or so the rumor goes.

I want to scream.
Or cry.
Or giggle... that'll do.

I'm ecstatic. :) If I did venture into the world of Mexican food, I would always order a hard, cheese and tomato taco with pico de gallo on the side and never tried to, you know, eat something that tasted good, not like a cardboard box.

And then, spring came, while I was munching away on tortilla chips.

Dinner was another new recipe creation: lemon cream shrimp over white rice. (shocker!)
You might be wondering, how on Earth can lemon and cream be together... won't it curdle up and be nasty? One would think, but somehow these ingredients become the most delicious sauce known to man.
dinna' for a winna':

said shrimp con arroz blanco y
snap peas! yum, yum. ♥

All that "get a good rest" jazz is pretty true and I'm ignoring like a silly willy. (Steve used to say that on Blue's Clues all. the. time.)
I'll get to commenting tomorrow morning, girlies. :)

nighty night! ♥


Anonymous said...

That breakkie. Oh em geez.

It's beautiful. *tear*

Congrats on the Mexican! Woot!

Your dinner looks delish...although white rice is scary. But you ate it! I'm sure it was totally yummy.

love love <3

Stacey said...

Wow your whole day of eats sure would make my tummy happy!

Sometimes I eat breakfast really late too...I think it's because I'm afraid that if I eat earlier I'll get hungrier earlier and eat more, etc. :(

I love Mexican food. I'm so proud of you for ordering what you really wanted!!

Kiki said...

I'm so proud of you today!! It's great that you ate, even though you were alone. I sweat you're going to do well on the SAT's, and even if you were stupid (which you aren't), restricting wouldn't help you do better.

And also, amazing job with lunch and dinner! It all looks so yummy and you completely deserved it. I want to giggle with you.

Happy Friday! Much love

Squill said...

Hurray for a saved day! :) Delicious looking eats!

Good luck tomorrow! ♥

tinyirishdancer said...

Yeeps. I always feel god-awful if I don't eat within an hour of waking up. Mebbe try to make that a rule? (Nah, not an ED one! A healfy one. =D)

Oky. Your yogurt looks TOO nummy. I really must get me a yogurt maker.
Or something.
Because I'm slowly emptying our savings account to fuel my yogurt consumption.

Mhmm. Mexican foodie = boogieworthy.
My rice-eating capabilities are known far and wide.

...No one can defeat me!

Daaaaw. Perty flowahs.
My likkle photographer. *sigh*


Uhm. Come cook for me. Now.

Good luck on the evil SAT's! Don't stress out over them. You're much too young for that.
Just relaaaaaax.
Here, drink some lavender tea, and it'll all be okay. ;]

Take care, chica. I'm so proud of ya for your sooper-successful dia! Keep it up - I luff ya too much to let ED bring you down. =]

Burp and Slurp~! said...

STANDING OVATION for you girl! woohoo! you really did it! you faced and conquered the awful white rice! sounds like you had amazing eats!
and GOOD LUCK on SATS tomorrow! I'm sure you'll do terrific!

Tiny Tina. said...
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Tiny Tina. said...

Em: 992739273, ED: 0! I am so proud of you girl, really. =) Good always follows the not so good.
I want dat yogurt and it want it NAO.
You and your yummy creations!

Maya said...

just found your bloggie:) love it! and i love the homemade yogurt,looks delsih!

McRae said...

I've nominated you for the I Love Your Blog Award! Head to http://alexovicha.blogspot.com/ to receive your award