18 March, 2009


Long time no seee! Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past few days. (Five days, good God!)

Unfortunately, I really have no reason.
I’m just lazy. :o

Before ya’ll come at me, I have cookies to share! Uhh, well, I really only have pictures… but lots of pictures!

Alright, let’s rewind to last Saturday…

Early mornings and I don’t mix. I haven’t woken up before 7:30 since August, so 5:30 ISN’T FUN. D: But my lovely breakfast was:


more homemade chobani-style yogurt with
a white chocolate macadamia luna bar, a
bosque pear and honey.


The SAT was okay, I guess. To be honest, it was kinda boring. We didn’t get started until 8:30, because people were late and there were a few stand-bys that needed to register. Once we got started, the proctor gave us breaks after every section. After the essay? Break. Right after the next section? Break. All the sections, even the very last ten-minute section, had breaks. It was so long. Long. Long. Long.
At least I had a Cocoa Mole Larabar to keep me company. :)

They let us out at 1:45. Yes, ONE FORTY-FIVE! Can you believe it? Gaaah, I wanted to strangle myself.
Too bad I couldn’t, since mi madre decided it was time to take el viaje a la casa de los abuelos.

Lucky for me, that meant Greek food in downtown Charleston on a Saturday night! Sorry I can’t offer any pictures, but imagine: gyro meats, spanakopita, roasted lamb, feta cheese, mmm! I got a sampler plate with all of the above. Definitely the greatest food known to man!

That is except for yogurt. Now, dear children, don’t get overexcited. :D


homemade chobani-style yogurt with walnuts,
strawberries, chopped dates and honey.




more homemade yogurt with a chocolate pecan pie
luna bar (warmed up!) and walnuts.




homemade yogurt with dates and honey.


I can’t believe I haven’t put dates in yogurt before! Literally, too good for words. I think it’s my new favorite topping, besides… well, all the rest.

On Monday night, in honor of my Greek adventure in Charleston, I pulled out the phyllo dough and made some spanakopita and those Barefoot Contessa Brussels sprouts. I (kinda) used this recipe for the spinach pie and it was beyond amazing. I had four pieces. Yeah, four. The phyllo dough was buttery and crispy, the cheese- warm but not too melty, and the spinach parsley and onion mixture- perfect. You’ll definitely see this in the future.



And, ironically, the best thing about the past few days was the rain! I really dislike rain- it’s all soggy and, well, kinda wet. D: But it means flowers!


raindrops! :)


Oh, and here’s today’s lunch:


spinach + mozerella quesdilla (made with two
tortillas!) with a side of those nummy sweet potato fries.


And I have some very belated thank-you’s to give out for these two awards!

Lemonade Cheers Award[5]

gracias a Morgan (above) y McRae (below) para los premios. :)

I never really thought my blog would ever receive one award, let alone the three I’ve gotten so far! Thanks so much- it means pretty much the world to me! ♥ You girls are so great.

So, here’s the distributing:

First off, the award by McRae has some rules.
Here are the rules: 1) Add the logo of the award to your blog 2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you 3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs 4) Add links to those blogs on your blog 5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

My seven are as follows:
Sophia, Tina, Morgy, Stacey, Kiki, Squill & Debbie!
You girls can expect a comment in your latest blog posts, ASAP!

For the award given by Morgan, I'm going to limit it to two (mostly because the majority of ya'll have gotten it already!). And, keeping in spirit of the others who have given the award, I'll pick based on the bloggers that make me smile, excluding the ones that were given the award already. (okay, Emily, get on with it!) Squill & Tina.

Phew. That’s a lot of award-giving! I really appreciate the awards and I hope everyone else does too. :)
(Maybe I should make a super cool award and give it out too!)

Well, girlies, this has been a super long postie and I have an orthodonist appointment to go to, so I’ll catch ya on the flipside. Hang ten & keep it real.

Yeah, I’m a super cool surfer.

P.S. Little bit of a delay on commenting, but I' will most definitely get to it. ♥


Katie said...

Whoops my bad! Sometimes after doing a bunch of homework I tend to skim things instead of really reading them :P

I love those yogurt bowls - I think I'll have one later tonight.

Anonymous said...

Well well well look who's back in the land of the living!

Missed ya! <3

Nummy eats - espesh that yogs! Omigah! Your quesadillas look supah awesome too!

Thanks for the award girl! I feel speshul (:

Ugh - SATs SUCK right?? Sooo freakin' long...

Kiki said...

Yayyyy you're back! I missed you! Glad you SAT went okay, but it sounds like torture! Sooo long. I'm glad you're alive.

Emily is the yogurt goddess. My yogurt toppings will never compare to her's. I worship her and her almighty chobby wob.

OOOOHH spanakopita is one of my favorites! I totally am going to make that recipe. Yummm.

Thanks for the award! I'll post it tomorrow. Hope your orthodontist went well! Much love

P.S. My mom knows the guy who owns Izze soda. He wrote a book for the company my mom edits for. It's named after his daughter.

Baylee♥ said...

ugggggh i hated the breaks for tests!!! i only took the ACT's...but come on!! it was ridiculous! the test wouldve went by so much faster if we wouldve just had one decent length break, halfway in between all of the sections. SOOO annoying!

you need to get a job in food photography! all of your pictures are always so beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

crushing up a luna bar and throwing it in yogurt with fruit is such a good idea!! and looks delicious!!

love your blog by the way all the pictures are soooo gorgeous!

Tiny Tina. said...

OH HALE YAYER! Yet another spanakopita lover! Those things are glorious, especially home made.
Now that on Earth is the point of so many breaks? Are they intent on dragging this out and making it as long and torturous as they possibly can for you guys?!
Good luck anyhow girly. I'm sure you did great.
And thank you SO much for the blog award! I have no idea how I'd deserve an award but thanks all the same! =D
You make me smile too, whether it's reading your blog or reading a comment from you..you, mah dear, are a true gem.
Enjoy the rest of your week!

Burp and Slurp~! said...

YAY! thank you! I feel so happy!!!!!
and omg, I know EXACTLY what you mean about the SATs! I was the first one to take the new one in 2005, and I thought I was gonna die by the end of it. my head was bursting! I sure hope you did well, though!