01 March, 2009


Good night, Starshines! The Earth says hellllooo.
I watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory today... while studying.

At 2:30 tomorrow afternoon, I have my first exam- Spanish, the horror! I'm pretty confident grammar wise, but there's going to be a short answer section on los poemas y las cuentas that we've read in class. It's like an English exam, focusing on themes and stuff, but, well, in Spanish. :o

I think I can do it though.

"Soy un platano. NacĂ­ en Guatemala."
(He told me a little about himself and helped me with
my studies... before I ate him.)

A cup of Cheerios accompanied Senor Guatemala.

I was really stupid today and skipped lunch. Instead, I ate huge amounts of soy nuts. I wish I could have eaten something more balanced, but I guess I'll have to deal.

Guess what else I have to deal with? SNOW.
Yes, it snowed. all. darn. day. The ground is covered in the stupid stuff. D:
So much for that earlier spring.

Oh, and tomorrow starts my tribute to the refrigerator! All the food I have stocked up has to be used up by Thursday (so none of it spoils over break). I know that I have grapes, a piece of fried chicken and four containers of Yoplait down there, but I'm sure I have some stuffed stocked in the freezer. It'll be a suprise to see what's inside! :)


sauteed garlic spinach and baked acorn squash.
my new FAVORITE dinner.
the squash were so tasty, I could have died.

One last thing before I go:

Roomie's Christmas Present para mi! :)

It finally came today and I was so excited. She knew I have a (tiny) obsession with Juicy Couture and got a great deal ($20!!!) on one of the charm bracelets. I hyperventalated for ten minutes straight after I opened it. Squeeee! Anyone else have any jewelry they treasure? If you do, post it!

Have a great rest of the night, chicas!


Squill said...

Aw, hun, do try to eat balanced meals! Studying takes energy, after all.

Good luck with your Spanish test. Estoy segura de que pases bien ;)

Lovely jewelry :)

tinyirishdancer said...

Oh noez! I haz a Spanish midterm tomorrah, too. I scurred.
Ah well. Good luck to us both!

yUm. Boonanas+cheerios. Used to eat that EVERY.DAY. back in tha good ol' elementary school days.

Yay! I love Juicy too! What an adorabable bracelet. I am jealous.
All I got is the perfume.
Oh well. *spritz*

Oh Emily. Your comments put a big ginormous smile on my face. =D
Heehee. Metro Station is my poison.
And NAY! *guards fro-yo with life*
You no canz have!

Well, I hope you enjoy your snow, you lucky duck. I'll just have fun in the..er...rain!
muchos <3's!!

Kiki said...

~You twinkle above us. We twinkle below~ Haha that'll be stuck in my head all day!

Good luck on your spanish exam! I always prepare for the worst on my exams but they end up being easier than I expect. So don't be stressin'!

Love you dinner! Acorn squash is my favorite. And pretty bracelet! Have a great day, love

Anonymous said...

good luck with exams

LOVE your charm bracelet - especially the gingerbread one :)