03 March, 2009


Yes, this is what it looks like from the inside of prison... I mean, my dorm room. I woke up to the evil snow Monday morning and still took my Spanish exam, pero no es dificul.
I had my Algebra II exam today. Whooo. Not.

But I got a nice little breakfast yesterday:

Yesterday's breakfast:

yoplus+ vanilla yogurt with a crumbled
up "nutz over chocolate" luna bar.

and some fruit:

No other foodie pics. Sorry. ;(

I don't know what's up with my eating this week but it's been bad. And, when I say bad, I mean like it's been massively high calorie/fat. Yesterday, I ate tons of popcorn chicken (which, I actually don't like, at all) and three servings of sweet potato fries for dinner. I just munch on soy nuts all day then dig into some other less healthy foods. Example:

ham and cheese stromboli (yuck! yet, I ate it all)
with a side of balsamic veggies (which I didn't eat).

and for a snack on the way back?


I attribute part of lunch's eating to an awkward situation. Here's a little back story, before I begin. My roomie has this idea that my soul mate is this guy in our form who is really smart and kinda cute but has little to no personality. She's been telling all of our friends about it and they all agree.
So, today at lunch, roomie, plus me and another of our buddies sat down at a table where my ex (urg, sounds so weird and stupid saying that) was sitting. It was kinda awkward since we don't talk (another story for another time) but it became even worse when one of my friends said, "Hey, Emily, how's your new boyfriend, huh?" Everyone at the table was suddenly staring at me and pestering me about it. I got really nervous (being the center of attention like that scare me half to death!) and tried explain that it wasn't true, that I have no significant other (don't intend to for awhile either) and this kid really means nothing to me. Wow, that sounded mean... but no one believed me anyways. I'm horribly afraid that a rumor will stem from this and fly around the school at ninety miles an hour. I'm so worked up about this and, to be honest, it really isn't that big of a deal. I just over-analyze things a lot and it gets to me. I keep thinking that it'll be all over school by tomorrow and I'll be so embarrassed. Gah! I hate social stuff. I want to be a hermit. D:

For tonight, it was "breakfast for dinner" day. I ate tons of spinach crepes and salmon. Then, I grabbed a hash brown and bathed him in cream cheese! Although dinner was good, I ate too much and I feel bloated now.

The weird thing is I don't even like meat, besides the occasional fried chicken leg and a little bit of seafood- red meat makes me queasy! Usually, I don't eat it at all and stick with eggs/yogurt/bodybuilder bars for my protein. I just keep eating stuff. I was so messed up over the whole deal at lunch and I'm stressed about exams. It all compounds and makes me feel horrible. I'm so ready for this week to be over.

Sorry for being in a poopy mood today. I'll be better tomorrow. Thanks for putting up with me. It means a lot. :) I love knowing that there are people that read my entries and leave such lovely comments.

But, on a lighter note, Stanford got a hold of my PSAT scores from last October/November and I was invited to apply to an academic summer camp there! :O I have to retake the SAT next week though- yuck. I feel really happy about it though and it kinda cancels out this icky week. (and it's only Tuesday!)

Two more exams to go- qimica y humanidades.

Nightie night, chickadees. ♥ ♥ ♥


tinyirishdancer said...

Ello, luv. =]

Before I dive into this comment, I'm just...gonna quickly...
*snags fro-yo BACK from Em, whips out giant spoon, holds it over pint threateningly*


*grins wickedly*

Anyhow. I will now give you giant *HUGGLES*, because you sound very stressed and unhappy.
And huggles make everything better.
Like bandaids.

Hmm. About the eating - are you hungrier than normal? Your metabolism could be doin' some revvin'. Remember - your body always craves what it needs, so it's logical that you want higher calorie foodie if your intake isn't high enough.
Or that you'll eat more chicken if you haven't been getting enough protein. (The sources you listed - yogurt, eggs, bars - aren't quite as high in protein as straight meat.)

Moral of the story is: your body is smert. Listen to it. ;]

Btw - mah hamburgeh friends get a bad rep. It's actually very well balanced, when you think about it - protein, carbs, fat, and veggies. All you're missing is fruit.
Which would make either a genius, or a dern nastay burger.

Pineapple burger? SCORE.
Cantaloupe burger?...Nay.

Moving on!
I'm sorreh about your social, erm, situation.
Boys are stupid.
Throw rocks at them.

One more *hug* before I trot off to do homework. =]
Hope you have a better tomorrah - oodlez of <3!!

P.S. Congrats about Stanford! And good luck on the SAT and all your other exams - you'll crush 'em, girlie. =]

Tiny Tina. said...

That first pic of the yogurt and crumbled up Luna Bar made my night, I just wish this computer screen had some sort of taste-o-vision thingy! xD
I've been thinking aboot it, and I second Morgan's conclusion. P'haps your bodeh is craving some more protein? Maybe eat some more fish or the type of seafood you like at dinner to see if that curbs your cravings? =)
And exams are hell. Stress on a stick. A big, sleep-deprived, anxiety filled stick! >=|
I know you can do great though, and so I'm wishing you all the luck in de world!
And congratulations on being offered to apply at the summer camp! Good always follows the bad and so on, right? ;] This universe works in some silly ways.
Silly friends saying silly offhand comments like that!
Hey, take comfort in the fact that it's highly probable they would've forgotten all about it by nowwww =D
DON'T APOLOGISE, we all have our down days! Just don't forget to smile at the good things, because I see your smile right there on your profile page and babeh, it is a ray of BEAUTIFUL light! =D
And I did hear you roar btw and I liked eeeeet. *blush*

Kiki said...

Ah, sorry the past few days have been rough. Don't feel guilty about eating more than usual! Your body knows best, and if it's making you want to eat high cal/fat stuff then it needs it for a reason. Like Morgan says, your metabolism may be speeding up!

Sorry about your social problem. Boys are gross. I'm waiting until college before I attempt to have a conversation with one haha.

Have a lovely day! Much love

Squill said...

You're taking the SAT next week, too! Aaaah, I feel your pain (I'm taking it then, too)! Best of luck ;)

That situation with the boy sounds really awkward... hope everything works out okay.

You sound super stressed out this week... hopefully you'll get some nice relaxing done this weekend? Don't be too hard on yourself! Especially about food. Like everyone else has said, perhaps your body is trying to tell you something, but if you're having trouble eating balanced meals, perhaps you should try a different food, like a new fruit or vegetable for fun? What I mean is maybe you're just bored with what you've been eating.

And don't forget to smile! :)

Burp and Slurp~! said...

hey, sorry about your bad mood...but don't feel bad for eating a bit more than usual! nobody eats the exact same amount each day, our daily intake fluctuates all the time. what's more, you've been studying and you need more fuel for brain power!
and don't worry about that stupid comment, thus is high school and it's all very immature, but really, even if a rumor does fly, it's only for a second until another juicy news comes along...yeah, i know. can't wait for college, can you?
but anyway, hope tomorrow is better and CONGRATUALTIONS on being invited to an academic summer camp in Stanford! how cool!!!