11 March, 2009


Happy Wednesday, everyone! :) [Half way through the week, whoot whoot!]

I took a practice SAT today and scored a 19oo. I haven't studied over the math review yet, so my math score was a bit lower than I expected, but I'm still very happy. I'm only a sophomore and I still have more time to prepare before the -real- ones junior/senior year.
I know it's kind of dorky, but I really want to break 2ooo. It'll probably be impossible by Saturday, but I can dream, right?

Yeah... definitely dorky.

So, my fuel for test taking:

breakfast in bed:

dearest papa made me :
a "scrambled omelette" with cheese and
celery, onion, green pepper + sprout medley.

and strawberries for all the strawberry lovers.
(uhhh, aka everyone! :D)

Besides the practice test, I did pretty much nothing. I replaced all the album covers that showed up blank on my iPod with the really pretty colorful versions. :)

Oh, and this is probably the bazillionth request posted, but does anyone have any ideas for snacks? There's a short break during the SAT and they encourage you to bring a snack to refuel. Of course, they expect kiddies to bring in some standard cereal bar, but not me! I want something zingy, zesty, zany.
super snack:

rachel's yogurt virginity broken
. :o
and it's about time too.
it has SO many different flavors that
are too good to be true!!

I wish I could take this as my snack, but I can't refrigerate it. :( I can't wait to try other flavors. The cottage cheese flavors sound delicious too.

Maybe I should just save up to buy the entire yogurt aisle... who needs money for college/house/clothes anyways? I can spend it all of yogurt. *happy thought*

A new veggie has beaten the lovely sweet potato out of holding the top spot as my favorite vegetable. How is this possible you ask? What could this superior veggie be?
Brussels Sprouts

Yes, you are probably laughing and thinking, "She is crazy, without a doubt, CRAZY."
I would resent the fact that my sanity is being disputed, if not for my faith in the deliciousness of these Brussels sprouts.

(Oh and, I was wondering: everyone says Brussel sprouts, but it's really Brussels Sprouts... but why?)

Yesterday, I watched an episode of Alton Brown's TV show "Good Eats" where he made roasted artichokes that looked so delicious that I wanted to lick the television... :o
Unfortunately, no artichokes currently reside in the house.
But brussels sprouts do.

Following the genuis of the Barefoot Contessa, I popped a few lovelies in the oven and browned them up. Result:

a lil' bit of green yumminess
with a cheddar cheeseburger.

While at home, my goal is to try a new recipe everyday. So far, it's turned out wonderful! The squash, sweet potato, scones and (now) the brussels sprouts have been the best ever. :)

Oh, and don't forget to check out this giveaway over at Lucky Taste Buds! I'm seriously stoked for it, considering granola is a key ingredient in the best-tasting yogurt combinations. :)

Okie dokie, girlies, I'm going to watch Criminal Minds (cue the creepy music) before I turn in for the night! Have a great night/day. ♥


Erin said...

i do not know why you aren't on my blog roll. but you are soon to be!

ugh, so unfortunate but rachel's cottage cheeses. are NOT good.
they are watery & eeeik.
maybe it was just a bad batch i got!

*crosses fingers*

daddyo made you a nice breakfast though!
whatt a guy!

and as for your 1900 GOOOOO GIRL

you are uber smart hahah!

where do you want to go to school chicka?!

shoot for the starrrrs

Baylee♥ said...

brussels sprouts!! (notice, i made sure to add the 'S' lol) eww, crazy girl! although i do have a severe obsession with steamed broccoli..so im one to talk :)

nice score on your SAT's! you still have a while to go so im sure you can reach 2000 easily by junior/senior year. i somehow managed to only have to take the ACT's.

snack possibilities- i would go with a variety of things. maybe a bag of some type of trail mix and a bag of lots of yummy veggies too. or maybe a protein bar or something?

your eats loook DE-LICIOUS. im a bit jealous of your food porn photography skills :)

Anonymous said...

Oyyyy. 1900??? Sophmore???

I steal your brain. Kthanks.

Your din dins looks delish (:

Snack ideas - trail mix (not exactly zingy, zesty, zany but you can always add coolio stuff into the mix)? Anything with pb (no need to refrigerate)?

tinyirishdancer said...

Yeepskies! You be sooper smert, girlie.
I epically failed the SAT when I was a young Sophomore. (Math = DOWNFALL.)
But, thankfully, I scored high enough Junior year to be commended by the National Merit peeps. Yay!
Moral of story: studying one's bootay off, PAYS off.
Promise. =]

Daw. I wish I had a sweet daddy to make me brekkie in bed. Yumyummy omelette. Looks beauteous!

Oh yes, and I just linked this on Erin's bloggy, but I shall do it for you too.
Snack bible: http://philabundanceoflife.wordpress.com/2009/03/06/outside-the-bar-snack-ideas/

...you shall never want for snack ideas again. Evar.

Dern. I need to lose my Rachael's yogurt virginity too..

Hmm. Buy the entire yogurt isle?
*hops on bandwagon*
*offers college fund*
I won't need it anyhow, what with this sooper brain of mine.

GAH. I LUFF brussels sprouts, too!

I seriously think someone switched the cradles. We must be sistahs.

And ooh.
I canz have cheeseburgah?
*puppy eyes*
(^Resistance is futile.)

Gah. I luff yooo, Emmy dear. You're so cuhyoot! And thankies for the PB recommendation!
As promised:
*One Morgan sundae of choice coupon, free of charge*


Burp and Slurp~! said...

GREAT goal! trying a new recipe each day is not only super fun and delicious, but it kicks you out of sticking to safe foods all the time.
I know what you mean about brussel sprouts! love them, love their little shape, love the crunchiness and layers! but nope, sweet potatoes still rule for me...hey, where's the carb?

Stacey said...

Plum honey lavender is my favorite Rachel's flavor! Oh and I love brussels sprouts as well. I can't believe I despised them as a kid. What was I thinking??

I didn't have to take the SAT, just the ACT. I ended up doing better on the actual test than the practice one I took as a sophomore predicted, so I'm sure you will too (even more so if you study! I didn't, lol).

Kiki said...

Your dad's scrambled omelet makes me laugh. I can never make omelets without ruining them!

Glad your practice SAT went well! I really don't know if that's good or not but I take it from the other comments that you're a genius!

Nom nom I love artichokes. Yuuum. Have I informed you of me and Morgan's amazing plan yet? I'm totally compy pasting this but: Instead of me and you stealing Morgan's ice cream, and Morgan stealing my pecan walnut butter, we can meet in a central location. Like Iowa! Morgan can bring her cobbler and ice cream, I can bring my PW butter, and you can bring your bunny scones. And we can make amazing sundaes! Yes. I like this plan.

Enjoy your day! Much love

Nutritious is Delicious said...

Youll do awesome on the SAT.....dorkier, the better! :D

Delicious eats girl, really!

Im a bar girl....hahah so I wont be much help with the portable snack!