28 February, 2009


Hello Saturday! :D Classes are officially over until after March vacation! Only exams are left! :)

Today was such a great day to end on too. I had my Spanish oral and it went well! :)
Then, I had a quiz in Humanities that I made a perfect score on! (It was the last grade of the term, not counting the exam.)
And to top it all off, the dining hall has the infamous YOGURT BAR today. :D Happy Emily!

But before we get onto that, let's take a peek at yesterday's eats. (:o that rhymed!)

Yesterday's Breakfast:

cheese omelette with blueberry yogurt!
(yes, yes, yes, yogurt! it has returned ♥)

no waffles though. :(
silly cafeteria people didn't have the
waffle bar, as they promise!

Yesterday's Lunch:

seaweed-wrapped rice and acorn squash
with chickpeas and fresh rosemary tomatoes

aaaand, a piece of whole wheat margherita pizza:
spinach, tomatoes, and cheese. :)

the return of my long awaited lunch-ly yoggie :)
vanilla with honey, dried
cranberries, and bran flakes.

And since today's feature was the lovely yogurt bar, guess what lunch was?


one giant (think james and the...)
bowl of vanilla yogurt with blueberries, honey and granola.

and as Morgan would say,

And one is never enough. :)
I also snagged this cute little bowl-
it has fruits bordering the top.

I've discovered that I am not in the mood to study for exams, at all. Not saying that anyone is ever in the mood to study, but I'm seriously put out by it. Instead of trying to study, I went over to the art center and made a friend of mine a birthday card. Her's is tomorrow and we can't really do anything special. I spent two hours on it, so it was distracting as well as fun. I gained this little bit of advice too: pastels are a girl's best friend. After finishing hers, I grabbed a blank sheet of paper and got to scribbling:

I was in an "Espanol" sort of mood.
(thankfully, her card is in tact and
completely unharmed by this craziness. :P)

And in the midst of eating tonight's dinner, I was attacked with a surprise hug from said friend, squealing about how happy she was. :) Kind of made me feel better about skipping out on exam studying. I still have all of tomorrow and Monday morning to study for my first exam anyways.


tomato-y lasagna with chickpeas


vanilla cupcake and a banana. :)

I'm going to the gym for a little while before I really buckle down and start studying.
Have a great rest of the night, ladies!

***Edittt! Totally forgot about this earlier (silly me!) but bam! My first ever Bloggie Award. :)

Thanks Morgan and Kiki!
I'm not sure who to tag (since it seems like everyone's been tagged at least once!),
so I'm going to pick the girlies I haven't seen mentioned in a post:

Stacey over at Tea and Trifle
Squill over at Seeds and Honey
Lyssy over at Improving Myself In A New Way

Sorry if you've already been tagged!


And don't forget to check this out:
barney butter giveaway!

I had some on a sandwich once. Love at first bite. ;)


tinyirishdancer said...

Guess what?
I'm eating Haagen Daz fro-yo as I type this.
Yumyum in my tumtum. =D

I'm so happy you got your yogurt bar back! And yaaay for no more classes!

Lovin' the doodlez. Looks like my AP History notes. o.o

Thankya for tha comment, btw. It really did make me feel better. I will have to try that chai+chocolate biscotti combo! And one random snack a day? You're a genius. I am stealing that idea.

Good luck on studying! Don't make your brain work TOO hard. <3's!!

Anonymous said...

What yummy foodicles you haveth.
Hah, studying for exams, yuck.
Well, at least once it's over there's a nice break.
Stupid highschools don't have break yet. Grrrrrr.

Anywho. Try to have fun studying!

Kiki said...

Woohoo, return of the yogurt! Your combos always look so good.

Glad your classes are all over! I suck at studying, I always find something to procrastinate with. So good luck with that!

Enjoy your day! Much love

Burp and Slurp~! said...

everything looks awesome! glad you found your yogurt at last...love how it's all funky purple!
enjoy your studies! I'm jealous...I can't wait to hit the books myself!

Squill said...

I just finished a giant bowl of yogurt myself :)

Good luck with your exams-- the hardest thing about having exams being the very last thing you do is that no one can concentrate on studying for them!

Thank you so much for the award! ♥

Anonymous said...

love your eats girlie!
its so cool that you go to boarding school
im so jealous :D

Stacey said...

Yay for yogurt being back!! ooh that lasagna looks so good.

Good luck with your exams! and thanks for the award!