19 February, 2009


If there's one thing that can be said about random days off, its this-

Caution: Emily should not be left alone with
Almond-Pecan Popcorn under any circumstances.

I woke up later than I wanted to today- nine thirty. :( I missed breakfast so I made a cup of Orange Spice tea and cracked open the tin of popcorn from yesterday's package. Oh sweet Jesus, that ended badly, with about a fifth of the popcorn left. D:

For some reason, I just could not stop eating. I wanted to stop but I couldn't. It felt so gross... And my popcorn binge started again tonight, during Study Hall. I was listening to one of my roomie's stories during our break and I just had a craving for it. Up came the lid and in I went, devouring that stuff. :(

I'm usually not the binge-type, unless I'm on vacation and it's almost time to go back (then the homesickness starts in, even before I'm back). I've been feeling a bit down lately, so maybe that's what triggered it? I don't know... Well, only two more weeks until I get a break so that's a relief.

On a lighter note: there goes the sun.

And here's the dinner:

Veggie Polenta with Marinated Red Potatoes.

And, of course, yogurt:
vanilla with honey, cinnamon, and pineapple

And as if today's eating couldn't get worse:

I cracked open this little guy and feasted.

Ugg, today's just been awful- eating wise, that is. I actually got a lot of my work done AND I got to read, whoot whoot! I never have time anymore so I was rather excited.

Anyways, sorry about being a bit depressing today. Tomorrow will be better. :)


tinyirishdancer said...

Hi hun. =]

Hmm. Your foodies today actually look really, really good. I don't consider that popcorn thing a binge at all - you were hungry, so you ate! And it's perfectly normal to overeat sometimes just because you like the way something tastes. (Think pre-ED.)

And I'm sorry you've been feeling down. Therefore, e-hug.



Ahh. Your sunset picture is beautiful! Looks like my sunrise one yesterday. =]

Oh - is that fro-yo good? I just found it in the grocery store the other day, but I was skeptical..
I can't have anything low-fat/diet-y at this point, and it's REALLY difficult to find regular fat fro-yo. =/

..I doubt you would ever hear the above sentence come out of a normal teenager's mouth. God. I feel like such a freak, sometimes.

Self-pity spiel over, I hope you have a lovely tommorah! <3's!

Erin said...

hi girlllll

love your yogurt bar extravaganza's looks DDEEEELISHH to me.

hope you've been welll :)

Kiki said...

Ah definitely not a binge! I think your body just wanted a little extra fuel today and told you to give it to him in the form of popcorn and froyo! Don't feel bad.

I do love that flavor of froyo. So crunchy and good! Enjoy your Friday!