22 February, 2009


Forgot to add this little picture yesterday:

Luna's + Clif's = Yumminess.
No Larabars, unfortunately.

As I promised myself yesterday, today has not been a lazy Sunday. I've finished up my lab report and mi tarea para espanol, but I still need to write my "paper" for Humanities and read Paradise Lost.

The paper will be pretty easy- it's not the typical five paragraph sort of essay. We have to write a play, basically, where John Locke and Thomas More meet in the afterlife. I actually think it's going to be fun. :D

Anyways, on to the eats. As I do every Sunday, I ate a big brunch:

Kashi Waffle + Honey Chobani Yogurt

(waffle + dollop of yogurt on top)
Mmmm, so yummy.
(waffle + smeared dollop of yogurt)

*chomp chomp chomp*

Banana. :D

Add a bag of grapes to that and you've got brunch for me. :)

Snack time: grits + cheese

I've always loved grits, but the school never has them for breakfast, so I'm forced to buy instant stuff from the store. Still yummy and it reminds me of home, which by the way, I'll be returning to in eleven days! I'm so excited- I can finally bake again, whoot! I've decided what I want to make first: heart-shaped scones. It may be a little past v-day, but what the heck? I can picture it clearly in my mind but describing it- that's a different story! I had a dream about them awhile back- cranberry scones with a heart cut into the middle of each. The heart shape will only be deep enough so that it puffs up a little while the scones bake. And I'm making baklava and fudge balls. Squeeee, I'm so excited.

I only have to get so exams first... :o

Dinner tonight's supposed to be Southern Fried Chicken. It's going to be a challenge, but I think I can handle it. I'll post up piccies later.


Kiki said...

Mmmm brunch! Your chobby wob and waffle combo sounds fabulous!

Can't wait to see all your yummy baked creations once you get home. Yay! Enjoy your evening!

McRae said...

Wooow, you changed presentation, nice!

Soooooooooooooo delicious, made me hungry!!

Did you make those waffles?

Erin said...

hiya pretty girl!
i like the new layout!
and your brunchie is yumski looking!

you are quite the georgian peach with your grits! i love gritssss..

cracker barrel. guilty pleasure of mine.

where in georgia are you from my love?!

have a nice night!

Erin said...

thats so cute though! a small town?! gotta love it!

my best friend lives in georgia shes up near dalton ..idk if you know the area!

i'm from bergen county new jersey, its up north bout 15 minutes from the city! ask her if she knows it


thanks girl have a lovely monday

McRae said...

Gracias, jajaja

Enjoy! it really looks yummy even though it's not homemade.

Burp and Slurp~! said...

omg, I love how you prefected the "art of the perfect dollop." that looks amazing on top of the waffle! haha!
ooh....fried chicken is definitely scary, but I hope you enjoy it!

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