08 February, 2009


It's grocery shopping day! :D There was a little scare this morning as to whether or not the bus would come to take my roommate and me, but all worked out well.

"Winter Gardens" at school, while waiting for the bus.

Today was such a warm day for winter, over fifty degrees! I wish I could have worn shorts, but I wasn't expecting for spring to come so early... but, come to think of it, didn't Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow this year?

But, more on topic, I found all the fruits and yummies I wanted at Stop'n'Shop. The produce section was huuuuge! The bakery too was gigantic. I found this delicious carrot cake muffin! I ate it five minutes after we left.

Also, instead of Luna Bars, I got two Clif Bars: Carrot Cake♥ and Maple Nut. The Luna Bar selection was very icky: lemon zest and chocolate peppermint stick. (my least favorite!)

Just finished my poetry essay for the Scriptorium. Its about Rudyard Kipling's meditation on the lyric moment, focusing on lamentation. I still have another poetry paper to write to turn in for an actual grade, not just extra work. This new paper has to deal with John Donne's early poetry, exploring his meditation on lost love. Bleh. :/ I liked Rudyard Kipling's journeys through India much more.

I still have to read all of Book III of Paradise Lost too. Aaaand, I have a chem lab first period tomorrow. I want the weekend back again! <3


tinyirishdancer said...

We're having a warm winter here, too! Several days last week over 70 degrees. Sounds lovely, but not really good as we're having a drought..
That muffin, btw, looks AMAZING. I had one yesterday, but it doesn't look half as scrumptious as yours! Mebbe it needs frosting. Hmm...
I'm in a poetry unit too, now! Mostly romantic stuff, though (Wordsworth, etc).
Congrats on finishing your essay, and good luck on the rest of your work!

cosmicwild said...

wow i wish it was warm here!! its just stoped snowing and now raining none stop for 3 days grr :|
the muffin looks great :)
love the blog

Squill said...

That looks like a pretty hardcore essay... good thing you have your Clif bar to keep you company :) Yummy groceries!

hope you're having a good day!

Stacey said...

CARROT CAKE CLIF BARS!! My favorite Clif flavor :)

amy. said...

that carrot cake muffin...wow! it looks so delicious. good luck with your school work and enjoy the week, emily :)