15 February, 2009


Hiya girlies. (: Hope everyone had a great weekend. Today's been pretty bland, nothing really happening.

Well, that is except for my breakfast:

Oh yes, two slices of French toast smothered in vanilla yogurt with maple syrup, honey and nuts. Can you saw deliciousness? ♥

I decided to "front load" since I had mondo amounts of work to do today and I always forget to eat when I'm studying. ): I did remember to eat lots of snacks along the way:

Toasted Nuts N' Cranberry Luna Bar... with the dreaded Spanish-English Dictionary.

Add to that oodles of soy nuts, a Clif bar, two grapefruits, with a microwaved waffle and you pretty much have my day. I wish I wasn't so lazy on Sundays! I have no pictures to really share with you guys. Ack. :(

Oh, wait, yes I do! Some left-over Valentine's Day celebrations.

Is that another red velvet cupcake?
:o It couldn't be!

Tehe. Such a pretty card. (:

Hope everyone has a great night. ♥


tinyirishdancer said...

Okay, I JUST ate dinner and a crapload of ice cream but...your breakfast still makes me hungry.

Eww. Spanish-English dictionaries. Yuckity yuck yuck.

Frisky! That one IS fun to say.
So is mondo.
And orgasmical.
And I will continue this list later. =D

Daww. That cupcake is so cute. As are you, of course!
Luff ya, girlie! Hope you have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Monday!
(I think that word may trump all the others, yes?)

P.S. I will try to find me some starfruit, then! Sounds nummy. =]

Kiki said...

Okay, I want your breakfast so badly!! If I wasn't baking banana bread this morning I'd totally make it. The next time I have time, I'll try it.

Cute cupcake and cute card! Enjoy your Monday, if that's even possible?

Anonymous said...

Your breakfast looks delicious. Mind if I snag the recipe this way and use it tomorrow? I love red velvet cupcakes! And I'm usually lounging around in sweats on Sundays - that's what it's meant for! So don't feel bad, take advantage of it!

Anonymous said...

that french toast looks SO SO SO GOOD.
better than most restaurants! seriously!
love it :)

cute card too.

Stacey said...

love the french toast!

Lyssy said...

Thank you for the warm welcome! :) Holy mackerel. Why does your breakfast look so delicious? *drool*
Yeah, looking at myself like that was a big wake-up call!
I'm glad I didn't hide food today. It's such a big accomplishment!
Good luck to you too, Emily!