20 February, 2009


Hola, chicas. :) Hope you're all having a great day!

I'm feeling a lot better today... silly me from yesterday. I don't like feeling like that. I guess you have to feel a little down every once and awhile so that you can feel better. :D

Since today's Friday (whoot! well, kinda... I have class tomorrow), it was fish day in the cafeteria:


whole wheat tuna fish sammie, with
olives, tomatoes, and swiss cheese.

I'd forgotten how much I actually like tuna fish! It was yummy. :)

Today was the school play! Right before roomie and I made our way over to watch, I got a little chow:

tuna fish and cheese sandwich with
green beanies and a banana.

The bananas look really great today- really big-
so I stashed some in my coat. :o

And ate one on the road:

The play was My Fair Lady and I was so surprised- it was great! I watched the movie once on TCM and didn't really like it, but I loved it on stage! I was a little distracted by the clothes (a few of their vests+jackets I was willingly to "borrow") but the acting and singing was pretty good. The girl who played "Eliza Doolittle" actually learned a bit of a British accent. I was pretty impressed.

Overall, it was a pretty good day. And tomorrow will be even better- I'm going to Clement's. Its a local grocery store and I've never been before. Very excited. I love grocery stores. :)

Hope everyone's was as good too! Have a wonderful rest of the night.


tinyirishdancer said...

I swear, I think EVERYONE had a poopy day yesterday. o.O

Glad you iz feelin bettah, though!

Mhmm. I luff tuna tooo! That sammie looks BITCHIN'.

And bananas = yummay! I will bake some banana muffins this weekend. Just for you. =]

Hmm - I've heard good things about My Fair Lady. Haven't seen it, unfortunadamente. Wish I got around to seeing more plays...

As always - thank you for your lovely comments. =]

<3 ya, chica!! Hope you have a gorgeous weekend!

Kiki said...

Tehe I love how you always smuggle food out of your dining hall! Are you allowed to a have microwave or anything in your room so you can make your own food?

Glad you enjoyed the play! I've never seen it. Enjoy your Saturday!