23 February, 2009


Monday's suck. :(

After actually beasting my chem test today, I pretty much failed my AG2 test. I forgot how to graph logs right before my teacher passed the test out and it just so happens that the first question was, you guessed it!, graphing the darn things. Exams are next week so I can't even make this stupid thing up in time.

Logs = mean
I'm going have to study pretty hard for the exams. D:

On top of that, the stupid word verifications aren't working right. :( I can't even comment on half your blogs! Sorry, girlies! ♥

Oh well, the day got better when I was awarded this title:

the "Manny Ramirez" of
Vocabulary Baseball

Ignore the fact that I had no idea who he was before today. I felt pretty special.

But on to the eatsss:


Before he took a spell in the microwave:

Wheat Toast and Spinach Salad with
Feta Cheese, Corn, Tomatoes & Glazed Tofu

And, of course, some yogurt:
vanilla yogurt plus rice krispies,
honey, and chocolate chips.

No dinner pics tonight. Instead of bringing my phone along to sports today, I forgot it and roomie+me went to dinner directly after. :(
But dinner was a bowl of Manhattan Clam Chowder with brussel sprouts on the side.

Don't worry, I do have dessert pictures:

a mashed and microwaved banana (nice and warm!)
with haagan daaz honey vanilla fro-yo

one delicious beastie ♥

Have a lovely night, chicas. :)


tinyirishdancer said...

Emily! My love!
Of course I will send you some mac'n'cheese. However, I will work my Morgan magic to ensure its non-moldiness.

Ew. I remember Chem. Worst year of my life. Don't worry - it'll be over soon!

And GRARGH. HATE CAPTCHAS. I've got like 102948230958240-5 comments all typed up for people, but can't submit. *grumble*

Hmm. That Luna actually looks decent. Should I give it another try..?

Hee. I had fro-yo (HAAGEN DAZ. OMFG AWESOME) last night. And thought of you. =D

<3 youz, girlie. Hope you're having a beautiful evening!

Tiny Tina. said...

Hi Emily, a (very) belated thanks very muchly for your welcome. =)
Hey, at least now you know that with studying even harder, you're capable of going well on your next exam!
And mah GAWD, that Luna Bar looks simply orgasmic! Grr for me not being able to find them here in Australia.
Lots of loveee

Kiki said...

Grrrrr, I hate word verification! I can't comment on most blogs. At least I can on yours!

Sorry your test didn't go well. I hope exams fix your grade!

Love all your foodie today, especially that night time snackerage. I must try. Enjoy your Tuesday!

Stacey said...

Everything looks so yummy! love the yogurt :)

I've never tried the dulce de leche Luna but it looks delicious. Too bad I can't find it anywhere.