26 February, 2009


Hola chicas! After skipping another day of blogging, I have this to confess:

I have not eaten yogurt in three days. :o

Yeah, the dining hall is being purely evil and not serving any yogurt, at all! :( I have some Yoplait and Activia stowed in the fridge, but I want to save that for exams next week.

If there's no yogurt tomorrow, some one is going to be in trouble.

Yesterday's Breakfast:

Rice Krispies + Skim Milk
*snap* *crackle* *pop*

Mr. Currant Scone + Cream Cheese Frosting
(weird combination, but a delicious breakfast treat!)

Yesterday's Snack:

Heated him up for a bit in the microwave.
yum, yum, yum. the walnuts are so big and tasty! :)

Other than those foodies, I have no pictures from yesterday. I lost my phone half way through the day and that resulted in a lack of food pictures to share. Sorry. :(

But on to today! :D I got my AGII test back and I didn't fail- only an A-! I'm really excited about it since I thought I had gotten at least half of the questions wrong! :D My average went down to an A, but I'm okay with that. So relieved too- I thought I was going to have to majorly cram for the exam.

Today was a weird pig-out sort of day for me- a bunch of oily, greasy, sugary foods that everyone knooows they love.



veggie quesdilla with a side of veggies. x2
(Me gustan las verduras. :D)

Hello, cheesy, oily, veggie deliciousness.
(well, maybe not the oily part :o)


two slices of steaming hot cheese pizza.
♥ I was ready for a challenge today!

Snack #2:

two lindt dark chocolate truffles, leftover
from mi madre's v-day package.

Nothing else important to report. The weather was nice today, windy as usual but bright.

Spring's coming. :)
Have a great rest of the night, girlies! ♥


tinyirishdancer said...

Haha! Your comments are always full of awesome. =D
YES. That WAS Haagen Daz frozen yoggie.
I saw it in the grocery, thought "EMILY!", and snagged it.

'Cept it's almost all gone, now. Poop.

Mhmm. I luff your foodies. Me gustan las verduras tambien!
Y los huevos, la pizza, y el chocolate son muy ricos. yUm.

Yay for Lindt truffles! Although, yes, the white ones ARE the best. They're like a...mouthgasm.

HAPPY FRIDAY (almost)!! Hope you have a fab one - <3's!

Kiki said...

Oh fo' realz? Three days?? I don't think I could live! I think you should protest. Do a demonstration in your dining hall, with signs and a catchy slogan.

The scone and frosting combo sounds amazing! And haha I agree with Morgan's sentences in spanish.

Enjoy your Friday! Much love

Anonymous said...

YUMMY eats!

love dark chocolate truffles!

Tiny Tina. said...

MMM MMM MMM at the quesadilla, and the truffles! Truffles are simply devine! Now I want one. Hell, I want THREE. =P
And how dare your dining hall not serve yogurt! Don't they know yogurt makes up the foundations of a deliciously protein filled and orgasmic taste experience of a day?! Pretty soon you might have withdrawal symptoms if they keep this up >=| Hehehe.

Burp and Slurp~! said...

NO yogurt? how sad! I would totally cry. and then get really mad and put on a strike in your dining hall.
that said, great eats today! you sure are rocking it, girl!