11 February, 2009


Hello! I hope you're all having a great day. It was another pretty day, for me at least, so I hope you spent it well.

Today, luckily, I had a sleep-in! :) And there was a special breakfast in the cafeteria with:

(or omelets, depending on how you spell it.)

Cheesy, onion-y, and sausage-y (broke my usual veggie style for today). So tasty and such a treat, since they only have them once every couple of months! It was the best way to start my day, which, along with the weather, was wonderful!

Lunch was a quick salad, piled high with squash, eggplant, and chickpeas, and a whole wheat sandwich with cream cheese and jelly. The sammie sounds a little iffy, but trust me, it is so good! My friend introduced me to the combo today, delicious! :)

And snapped a picture of my little snack with Algebra II homework- soy nuts. :) Mmmm. They got me fueled up for the expedition I went on today. :D My roommate, another friend of mine and I went on a walk down to the bay since today was absolutely gorgeous!

Yes, it was quite muddy. :)

But so pretty and bright! If only every February day was this beautiful.

My friend, Gaby, and I climbed up on top of the boathouse, whew! Very scary.
I swore that I was going to fall off any second, but I didn't.

The sun was blinding, haha. (l-r: roomie, meee, and buddy)
Only one of our many, many, many, pictures. :D

And after our little bay time, we went to a few squash matches and met this little guy:

He, aka Sammy, got left outside the Squash+Fitness Center. :( At least my roomie and I kept him company, while everybody watched inside. We give our players bad luck, so it seems. Eeep! Squash isn't really our thing, on top of that... I think its the funny name that makes it so weird. Squash are for eating!

And speaking of eating: dinnnner! :)

Yesss, those are the real deal.

Dinner was so yummy tonight: warm, spicy green beans and a medley of onions, squash and zucchini with balsamic vinegar and chickpeas! And those are some parmesan and pepper chips over there.

Dessert: vanilla yogurt with added cinnamon, honey and a new dining hall specialty... some caramel, whipped cream truffle parfait thing mixed in. Best dessert ever, no lie. I convinced my roomie to try it and she loved it. We ate it in less than five seconds. ;)

Oh, and I'd like to thank everybody for reading! :D This blog really inspires me to make my food delicious and nutritious. Before I started the blog, the food I ate was... yeah, you wouldn't want to see a picture of it, let alone eat it.


tinyirishdancer said...

Ohh you are so lucky to live so close to the water. I used to live only a few blocks away from the ocean, and I miss it very muchly.

And I agree about blogging inspiring more nutritious (and prettier!) eats. Sometimes I'll feel like slipping up, or being lazy and having something boring, but with that support there...it's much, much harder.

As always, your pictures are lovely.

Keep on keeping on! You're doing amazingly. =]

Anonymous said...

FOOD PORN!! and beautiful outdoors photos too, the sea looks gorgeous.. so jealous that you live near that! i love soy nuts :) so underrated! xxx

Stacey said...

I used to have cream cheese and jelly sandwiches all the time when I was younger! yummm.

McRae said...

Thanks for the comment, I can say the same about your pictures, I like the way you picture food, It's amazing, It's hard to see good pictures of food, nobody really cares, but It's interesting the perspective you try to show peoplle about food.

Gracias, It's nice that you tried out your spanish, jaja, It made smile, made my day!

McRae said...

Ohhh, and whatever you coul tell me about UK, I would apreciate, My ancesters came from over there, and I've never been able to go, but always have wanted to. I'm really curios.

I know they have made this remark already, but it is really nice to live near the ocean, so profit from it and take more pictures, beacause the pictures that you posted are vey nice!