21 February, 2009


I'm in a great mood today! Yes, after that horrifying Thursday, I've come back with a bang!

I was feeling a bit creative today, so I tried making a new layout. It's all spring-y outside and the sun's shining so I wanted something to fit the season. It still has a few kinks that I need to work out, but overall, I love it! :)

And, it made me feel naughty, tehe. I should have written a paper for Humanities today and finished up my lab report, but I didn't. Usually, I never put off school work (chronic perfectionist student hybrid), but today, today was today! :) I'm in such an odd mood that I can't explain. Sunday can deal with that homework, not today!

Even though I had class today (yuck!) and it kinda bummed me out, I was so excited for Clement's! Roomie plus another buddy walked with me there- a mile and a half, or so MapQuest said. I'm convinced it was lying, 'cause it took forever.

I discovered a wonderful thing upon our arrival.:

Clement's = Earthfare

Not sure if any of you are familiar with it- just like a Trader Joe's or Whole Foods, but its indigenous to the Southeast. (NC, SC + Georgia, mostly, I think)

And I love Earthfare. I was positive that I never needed to find love in the world, because I'd already found it in a grocery store. Earthfare and I, walking to the alter, him promising to be well stocked of delicious fruits for eternity...

Anyways! It was fun, until despair came- in the form of my freshman English teacher... and the mother of a boy I used to date. :o Oh boy, can you feel the love? In a situation like this, awkward as all get up, what's a girl to do?

Well, in this case, get a ride back with the woman! Don't get the wrong idea, this. was. NOT. my. idea. I'm a firm believer in self-preservation, thank you very much, and riding in the car with your ex's mother does not fall into that category. But, nooo, in they hopped and I followed- hyperventalating. Yes, she inspires fear in all.

I remember last year, pre-breakup, I loved her and vice-versa. Not anymore- it's World War 3 all over again and I'm unfortunately the losing side. Fail for me. :)

It wasn't all too bad, not counting the sneaky remarks she made about my performance last year in her class. D: The highest grade you can get in her class is an A- and I got it, but noooo, impossible for her to let me triumph!

Even now, I really do wish she liked me still. I didn't do anything to her son- he did all the hurting! (Can you say "voicemail breakup"?) I'm one of those school dorks and I like for teachers to like me. I hate when teachers either don't like me at all or have no opinion. :( I hate it even more when their opinion changes, for the worse.

Stopping the self-pity spiel and moving onto the pictures:

On the walk over. Cute little old people lived there. (;

And, of course, I can't take a trip anywhere without some flower pictures.

I was a tad excited. :D
It's a giant waving potato, what do you expect?

Sushi. :o
So many yummy kinds!

Scorpus and Yellow. (: