10 February, 2009


Hello. :) Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! Today was a lazy sort of day- cloudy and rainy. I had three bright Forelle pears for breakfast, along with a Kashi waffle, to brighten it up. Forelle pears are delicious, the absolute best... and I'll go to the mat on that one!

Golden Delicious Apple! :D

Lunch today was ratatouille with a huuuge side of sweet potato fries! Oh boy, those fries were so good- crispy, warm and moist, all at the same time. I didn't snap a picture though. :(

But I did get one of dinner, right before I finished: roasted potatoes, a side of corn and tomatoes, with chickpeas and steamed broccoli. :) So yummy. The dining hall makes really good veggies surprisingly!

Oh, and has anyone ever tried a banana with cinnamon? Its so good! I just decided to do it, no reason really, and BAM! New favorite snack.

Heeere's dessert! Vanilla yogurt with cinnamon, peanut butter and honey. Such a yummy combo.


tinyirishdancer said...

Heehee. Just for you, I will hunt down Oreo 1 AND Oreo 2 and show them my snazzy new shoes. =D

Ohh your pics are stunning. And aren't pears amazing? We should make a club.

And hey! I use my laptop as a plate too, sometimes! Except I'm forever picking crumbs and things out of the keys. Icky.

On that note, I'll wish you a happy Tuesday and be off!

*Skips away*

Erin said...

i like your blogggie!

boarding school sounds so COOL
i always wanted to go to one

Kiki said...

Love the eats today! Have you ever tried a microwaved banana? Enjoy your Wednesday!