18 February, 2009


Having a fabulous day, ladies? It's half way through the week... well, not for me, but oh well. It's something to be happy about!

Oh, and I was right! Headmaster's Day is tomorrow. A full day of nothing to do... except sports' practices. :( Why cancel school and not sports? Icky! I think a few of us are going to IHOP though so that'll be fun. :D

Today was the best day I've had in awhile! Why, you ask? Because of lunch:

Garlic zucchini and a little meatball.
I usually don't eat meat (makes my stomach hurt)
but he was quite delicious! Crispy and warm.

More balsamic veggies on top of lettuce+chickpeas.

And today's special feature? The Yogurt Bar! ♥
Every Wednesday and Saturday, the dining hall has a special "exhibition bar", with neat little treats. Sometimes, it's just a baked potato or hot dog thing (yuck!) but today, oh boy! Yogurt: strawberry and vanilla! And all the toppings to go with it: fresh fruit, granola, etc. Yum, yum.

Granola, blueberries, and honey, oh my!

My first + second bowl!
The blueberries were fresh. (: Yum.

Look there, it's a plastic bowl! :o
Apparently the ceramic has been disappearing,
so the dining hall staff decided to give us a little treat.
(Maybe the bowl bandits had something to do with it.)

And my aunt sent me a package:

She was sending some to my cousin in college
and she remembered me too. :)

Chomp, chomp!
I'm usually not a kettle corn fan, but this was
just too good. The pecan+almond clusters
were sweet and salty.

Have a happy rest of Wednesday, chicas. :)


tinyirishdancer said...

Ahh yogurt. Your piccys make me drool, a veces. =]

And gourmet popcorn?! You are one.lucky.ducky.

Hee. Your comments always make me giggle - you're too cute!

I hope you enjoy your day off! You better partay it up. =D

Take care, girlie. <3's!

dollymixtures said...

Wow, that popcorn looks..heavenly! I love blueberries too, they look good in that granola.I eat them with just about anythign :)

I even put them on bagels sometimes haha. But I bought blueberry jam which is easier to spread ;)

Thanks for the shampoo advice btw!
Have a good day :D

Burp and Slurp~! said...

a yogurt bar?!! what kind of amzing college do you go to? I'd totally raid the whole station! muhaha~

Nutritious is Delicious said...

What an awesome idea! I need to get my school to do that! The kettle corn looks good.....gotta love packages! :D