17 February, 2009


Yes, I'm guilty of skipping another day blogging! (That's two within just a couple day!) I have legitimate reason though- Spanish. Bleh. Our class had a major PowerPoint project due today and I was putting the final touches on last night. I was on of the first people to present today. :(

That ended badly.
Half way through my presentation (on Costa Rica, in case you were wondering!), the bell rung!
I don't have class tomorrow, so I have to wait until Thursday to finish! Eeep.
But, wait, there's supposedly Headmaster's Holiday on Thursday. Translation: No class- which means I'll finish up on Friday. Lucky me.

But on to the eats- yesterday's lunch:

Garlic Broccoli with Veggie Soup.

Plate of Yogurt:
vanilla + honey

Bowl of Vanilla Yogurt:
honey, chocolate chips +maraschino cherries

I had a revelation today: I'm a yogurt addict! I suppose the first step to overcoming my addiction is to admit it, but yogurt is too yummy. I'll be a proud addict, thank you very much. ;)

On to today's eats:

Power up!
Spanish presentations are just the excuse for a Chai Tea Luna Bar.
And a grapefruit too.

And here's some lunch:

My favorite balsamic veggies, with chickpeas and regular peas! :)

I bet you aren't surprised!
Vanilla yogurt, granola + frosted flakes.

I haven't stopped "borrowing" dishware from the dining hall either- I'm not a criminal! Those innocent little ceramic mugs beg me to take them out of the dark, scary cafeteria!

Yogurt on the run:
Honey, cinnamon + frosted flakes.

I've liberated one and his little buddy: the spoon!
"Oh, thank you, Emily! We're so happy to be freeee!"

Can't catch us- we're shadows! *sneak sneak*

I think the groundhogs lied to us! Spring is coming and very soon. Today's a bit windy but incredibly sunny. And coats are still a must so you won't freeze half to death.

So, where's my proof for this early spring?

Ha! The ladybugs have arrived. ♥

He was lounging in the sun outside our dorm. :) He's so cute.

Oh, and stay tuned for a special post later tonight! Why, you ask?
Because today's International Food Night!
(Another) Translation: The dining hall staff's preparing, along with a few international students, food from all around the world. Korean, German, Spanish, French, any and every cuisine. I'm very excited.

Have a great rest of the day, lovelies. :)

International Food Night~

I am so stuffed- I think I ate a whole giant beluga whale... well, at least half. The food was sooo good. ♥

Plate One: Ham+Tuna Sushi, Turkish Figs, Korean Omelette (not sure the correct name here)
Greek Spanakopita, Translucent Korean Noodles, & Korean Beef

Dessert? Baklava, my very favorite!

Close up of the food trough. :)
I got to be a reeeal pig tonight.

Sushi! :D So yummy.

All that yellow stuff is mine. (Korean Omelette)
Thank God for loving roomies that bring you food. :)

The Korean Omelette was the best and, of course, the baklava! If only every day was this delicious.

Tienen una gran noche, chicas!


tinyirishdancer said...

Oh, Espanol.
I feel your pain. =/

I am yogurt obsessed tooo. But it's an addiction I don't want to overcome!
Your bowl with the maraschino cherries looks orgasmic. I may have to get me some of that goodness. =D

Haha! You sneaky thing, you. Tsk tsk.
But I'd probably do the same. =]

Teehee. I luff ladybugs.
(Don't tell anyone, but I think I was a ladybug in my previous life. Shh.)

Mhmm. I love trying new foodies from other countries. So yum. You inspire me, chica.

Hasta la vista! Te quiero, mi amiga!
(This is how you say platonic love, yes? I always get confused! English is so much simpler. Grr.)

Stacey said...

I'm addicted to yogurt too! def not a bad thing since it's so good for you.

omgg your dinner looks so amazing! everything sounds so yummy. *drool*

Anonymous said...

Omg! good eats!
Loving your loving for Korean food! Korean sushi (kimbap) is always delicious. and those noodle is called japchae ;]

Kiki said...

I'm addicted to yogurt too, it's okay! If we actually wanted to stop eating it we could start yogurtholics anonymous.

Love all your international food! I have an international night coming up at my school soon, I'm excited.

Love the ladybug! Enjoy your day!